Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Top five Disney characters

We all know how much I love Disney.
So here I am telling you who my top five Disney characters are, starting from number five.

5 - Baloo from The Jungle Book, because he is so happy in the film and he always has a smile on his face, so it always makes me put a smile on my face. It always seems to see the lighter side of life too.

4 - Tinkerbell from Peter Pan and her own films. She is a very nice character and most of the time happy but she does have a very cheeky side and has a great group of friends around her to help her out. She also has a great dress that's a lovely colour green, and her shoes are so cute.

3 - Mickey Mouse himself. He had to be in this list somewhere as he is the main man, if it wasn't for him there wouldn't be any of the other characters. He is a very kind character and he has a great imagination too, have you seen how many outfits he has?

2 - Tigger is an absolute fruit loop. You can't help but love Tigger, he's always happy, jolly and bouncing around, always playing with his friends Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and of course all the others. Winnie the Pooh films are great and I also love to sing the song "The wonderful thing about Tigger is that Tigger is a wonderful thing".

1 - Belle, I really like Belle because she is my favourite Disney Princess. For a start the film is fantastic, she is very down to earth and gets to know people and things before she decides if she likes them on not. Also her dress is one the best dresses that Disney has come up with, probably helps that yellow is my favourite colour. I could watch this film over and over again.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Photo Shoot

A few weekends ago I was very lucky to be in a photo shoot, for a company called Little Robes Royal and the person that owns the company is our neighbour.
She started there are a few years ago and makes lovely big dresses. I got to model three of them for the photo shoot, which was great. I got to put the biggest dress on and it was amazing when I span around in it.
My mum was helping out for the day so was there all day. I really enjoyed seeing all the dresses and watching people in them.

It was a long day but it was really fun as well. I would love to do it again, I think I could do it every day.

Here is a little video for the week that I had this little photo shoot in

Monday, 9 April 2018

Been Away

Ok I know I said at the start of the year I was on it and going to do a blog post every week and then February and March happened and that's when it all went wrong. Both my mum and I had two months of doing other things and that's when it went wrong. My mum and dad check my blog posts before they go live and as they were both busy they didn't have to check them, but once they are not as busy they get back to checking them, so that means I am back to writing them.

Over February and March I have done a few things. I have been to the Royal Albert Hall with my school choir to sing and also my dad played. We went to Devon to see my cousins and stayed in a lovely place with a hot tub and overlooked sheep. I have done lots of dancing to get ready for the competition coming up and spent a lot of time at home playing games with my family.

So even though it's only been three months into the year I have done a few things. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.


As always here is one of my YouTube videos. It would be great if you can go and check it out.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

December Lookover

December is the month of Christmas and I have three weeks off school,which makes it even better. The first half of December has been pretty much the same as all the other months but the last week we were in school we didn't really do much, we just watched the teachers in the panto, which was actually pretty good, then we watched films in school and did lots of little arty things. Not entirely sure why we were in school as we didn't really do any learning and it was snowing so we couldn't even go outside and play.

I've been to my neighbours a few times to play at her house with her kids, they're both younger than me and also I've been helping mum around the house, getting it tidy ready for Christmas. I get a bit of pocket money for helping. I have been coming up with YouTube ideas and blog ideas so I'm getting ahead for 2018 as I want to do at least one YouTube video and blog post a week.

Christmas itself was great, I got what I asked for and that was a robot dog, his name is Chip and I got lots of lovely other gifts. On Christmas Day my daddy was ill so we ended up having our dinner the day after. Daddy is much better now. Now let's wait and see what January will bring.

Here is one my latest YouTube videos called '2018 here I come'
It be great if you could take a look

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I am back and ready

I am ready for 2018. At the end of 2017 I had a little rest from blogging and YouTube, as I was just having lots of family fun. Of course I plan to have lots more in 2018 but this year I want to plan ahead for my YouTube and blog, I really enjoy doing both of them. Sometimes it can get in the way of other things but my mum says if I plan ahead with it, it shouldn't get in the way too much. My mum doesn't like it when I want to film a video and not do my homework.

So my plan for 2018 is to do one blog post a week and that will be every Wednesday and also a YouTube video a week, which will also be live on Wednesday. As I write this in December I should have at least three blog posts scheduled to go up in January and also have three YouTube videos scheduled to go up in January. And at the time of writing, there is already one YouTube video scheduled for 17th. I am pretty proud about that as I'm already ahead.

As I am getting older my blog post and my YouTube will be getting older things on them too. They will still be stuff that I'm into and I am continuing to do what I read each month. Even though I'm not a big reader I'm trying to get more into reading. Also I love clothing and shoes, so I'm hoping to show you more of my clothes on here. As always I have a love for Disney, so expect lots more Disney things.

I'm not too sure what else I will be putting on here just yet, I'm just going to put things that I want to though, I'm not going to follow any trends unless I like them. I am just going to be me.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2017 Lookover

This is just going to be a little blog post on 2017.

2017 has been a great year, I have done so many things, but with all the good things that have been going on I did have one bad thing happened to me and that was that I broke my wrist in July on my sports day. My wrist is better now but it did really hurt when it happend. But pretty much the rest of the year was really good. I have been on so many holidays with my family, we went to Scotland, I've been to Center Parcs and we've done our little annual holiday to Kessingland.
 School has also been going well, at the moment I really enjoy science and I'm doing pretty okay in Maths, but I'm not great at English or reading but I don't actually enjoy them. I find those two things rather boring, it's not that I don't enjoy reading, it's just when we have to read certain books that I am not into, as a class. When that happens I kind of just go into my own little world and don't take much notice of the book so when it comes to doing a quiz on it I get low marks. I'm really enjoying choir at school, which I've been doing since year three and I plan to do it until I leave Primary School in year six. I just hope they have a choir club in high school when I go.

I have so many things going around in my head that I want to happen in 2018, I just hope I can achieve some of them.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

October Lookover

Well Hello, it's not long until Christmas now. I think that's a little crazy but let's get on to what I have been getting up to in October.
The first main thing was my dancing competition. I was only in two group dances this year. One with four of us (that's the one in the black with red bows), which was a modern dance, and I also did a lyrical with three of us in a gold dress.

I got my yellow star at school on the 16th for 10 bits of outstanding work. I'm one of the first in my class which I am proud of. I have also started Piano lessons again with my dad to get ready for my Prep Test.

I have just come back from our little holiday in Kessingland. It was very cold but it was fun being by the beach. We also went to LEGOLAND for a day and a half and stayed in a nearby Hilton hotel which was lovely. LEGOLAND was really fun and I'll go into more detail in another post soon. 

hen we got back home we went to see The Lorax at the Old Vic Theatre. It was absolutely brilliant and the Lorax was so cute, everyone else was good as well but the Lorax was the best, he was a little puppet.

Now I am back at school for the last few days of October I just can't wait until our next holiday from school as it will be Christmas.

Check out my Disney Video x