Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Shopping - Lush

We went to see the family the other day, well Nanna, Grandad and my Auntie, Uncle and Cousin. We went shopping in Peterborough and Mummy and I love Lush so we went in. Mummy said I can buy one thing so we asked the staff what makes the best colours and bubbles in the bath. So she showed us two, the first one is granny takes a dip, It's so cool and the other one is rose that makes lots of bubbles.

I picked Granny takes a dip just because it looks so much fun with all the pretty colours that will go in my bath, it just looks so cool. When we got to the till she said hold on a minute and she went out back and got me a free Rose one. Oh my, I couldn't believe it. Mummy said I was a lucky girl and I must have been.

Here is my little video of  what I got up to over my first week on Easter Holidays its free to go a watch it. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spring Wish List

Spring is here and I saw Mummy doing this blog post on her blog. Mine is not going to be like Mummy's as she put some clothes and a bag, mine is all about the toys and a really pretty dress.

First I will start with the clothes I have seen, they are both from Next. The cute Minion jumper is in pink and he's taking a selfie, it's so funny. Mummy said I should put the price of them all so the price is £14.00 in my size. The dress has yellow in it and I love a bit of yellow and this style of dress. I think Mummy said it was a Prom style, not sure what that means, it's just a cute dress to me and
is £22.00 in my size.

Ok these two are from the Disney store. First up is this cute Cinderella Tiara, I think it's about £10.00, and I saw this dress to go with it. It's £150 but what a cute Cinderella Dress it is. I know that I won't get it as it's a lot of money but a girl can dream can't she.

We all know that I love Lego so I  looked at the Lego shop and saw this cute one, it's Ariel's Undersea Palace and is £49,99. I think I will ask Mummy and Daddy for this for my birthday. Also Lego have an new range out, it's called Elves and this is the treetop hideaway at £39.99. It's so cute that they have a new range out.

Hope you enjoyed my Spring Wish List. Let me know what's on yours x

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

April Goals

It's been a crazy month with my dance Competition and getting ready for my KS1 tests that are coming up. Daddy has been really busy with his Music and normal work too.

March Goals List

1) Finish my little project with my Daddy.  Fail

2) Have 146 at the moment, so get to 150 on YouTube

3) Do a book review on my blog  

April Goals List

 1)  Finish my little project with my Daddy

2) Do a blog post every week this month 

3) Do a YouTube video every week this month 

4) Get to 160 on YouTube and get a least one more person on my blog

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