Monday, 30 March 2015

Dance Competition

I had my dance competition over the last three weekends and it was so fun, it was a lot of work but really fun. I got to do three group ones, a ballet where we came 1st, a song where we came 2nd and a tap where we came 2nd again.
I also had two solos, a song and dance where I mucked up my words a little bit but my teacher was backstage and she helped me out. I came 4th in the song and dance and for my ballet I didn't place but there were 21 people in it and some of the girls were really good.

I also had a duet with my friend Keili and we came 3rd I think and I had a trio with my friends Sidney and Poppie and we came 1st. I loved the dresses that we wore for the trio one.

I love it but I am glad that it's over and that I get to spend my time at home for a bit with mummy and daddy doing fun at home things x


  1. We have a little dancer here too, we haven't done any competitions though. Well done at all the great places you got.

  2. aww how sweet. i used to love dancing when I was little. Unfortunately my two monkeys are not very keen