Wednesday, 22 February 2017

January Lookover

I thought I would do a monthly blog post where I would write what I got up to each month for you all and for me to look back on at some point.
So here we go.

In January I had to get back into the school routine which was hard. I also joined two school clubs, Choir that I do every term as I really enjoy it as I love to sing, and I also joined a new one called Film Club where we get to sit and watch a film for an hour and then say what we thought about it. I really like that too. I do both my clubs with my best friend Faye. In school we have also started swimming lessons, we have only been three times and I love that too even though I have to wear a swimming hat and it does not look good. It's really hard to put on so I have to ask the teacher help me with that.

Dancing is going really well and I love it. My teachers are great and make us work hard but that's how we get better. I also had a lesson with a woman called Rosina Andrews who is an international dancer and she helped us with pirouettes which I loved and found really fun. I still need to work on my acro as I am great with backbends and flips but I would love to be better.

The other thing that has happend is that I stayed the night at my Nanny's house and she took me to the movies to see Sing. Oh my it was great and I really enjoyed it and I think my Nanny enjoyed it too. Not much else has been going on other than the normal things that I get up to every day.

Here is my youtube video please take a look,

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Princess Tsum Tsum Box

As you all know by now I love Disney Tsum Tsums, so when Clintons brought out this box of Princess Tsum Tsums I knew I had to ask for it. As I have been good, I  got it!

You get 6 Princess Tsum Tsums... Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Jasmine. They are all so cute and will look great in my collection. I have to say my favourite has to be Belle with her beautiful eyes and her yellow dress. I think it would be cute if they did a Belle in her blue dress as well.

I really like Ariel as well and the way they have done her tail, it just looks really cute at the bottom of the Tsum Tsum. I think they have done her hair with the little star fish very well. They are my two favourite ones. I will have to show you all my collection soon in a blog post, it may be a long one if I do that though, hehe :-)

Here is a little video That I did I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Cath Kidston Tea Set

I wanted to show you all this lovely tea set that I got. I had some money left from Christmas so I bought myself this Cath Kidston play tea set. I think it cost about £20 in the shops and online.

The tea set comes with its own teapot, four cups, four plates, a milk jug and a sugar jug. Obviously I don't put milk or sugar in them as they are just a play set. The thing I find most cute is that it also comes with four little teabags. And they are pink and white so go perfectly with this set. The design on the set is pretty flowers on a white background, I think they have done that so the flowers stand out. And it also comes with own little box where you can put the tea set once you have finished playing with it.

I like to listen to my music playing with my teddy bears, even sometimes mum and dad come and join in the tea party. None of my friends have played that yet because I'm little bit scared they might break it as it's made of China and it's very fragile. Mummy says I should look after it well as it's a really nice thing to have. So after I'm done playing with it it always goes back in the box and back on my side.