Saturday, 20 December 2014

I have been a good girl

I have been so good over the last few weeks, my daddy keeps telling me.

I'm not sure why. I think it's because I have been doing what I have been told and mummy says I have been doing well in school.

Because I have been good in school and at home my mummy is still letting me have horse riding lessons and she is letting me have extra dancing lessons for my up & coming exam.

Mummy said if I continued to be good I can still do all the things I like.

And as well, as I have been so good we are going to spend some family time together. We are going to stay in a hotel for the night and then go to Winter Wonderland in London. I can't wait, woohoo! We have booked to go and see an Ice Castle... Mummy said that Elsa from Frozen has been there and made it for people to go and look around. Also we are going to see Zippos Circus. Mummy doesn't like clowns, she said she might hide behind me if she sees one, hehe.

I can't wait for Christmas now, it's not long. This will be my last blog post before Christmas, well I think it will be as I have lots of things planned from now until Christmas. Mummy helps me so I have to wait until she's free to do it too.

Don't forget my little youtube channel. Please go over and have a look, it's great hehe x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs

A few weeks ago I went on a little weekend away with my family. There was my Mummy, Nanny, Auntie Kelly, Auntie Jayne, Joshua, Zackey, Ellie and her friend, Grandad, Uncle Sweetie Mark and Great Auntie Tanya.

It was so fun. We saw Father Christmas and I told him what I would like and that I had been a good girl. I wrote my Christmas list and posted it.

We also had lots of animals at our back door and a squirrels came into our little house and took a nut from my hand. He was so sweet and so brave. I just wanted to take him home with me but Mummy wouldn't let me. Daddy came down too but he came on Saturday night as he was working.

We also saw an Elf. Well we saw two Elves on a little trail we did and got some sweets and a cup at the end. I loved it even though it was raining and some of it was outside, but we still had lots of fun.

I also went swimming, had a bike and did some pottery. I love going to Center Parcs, it's so fun.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What I would like for Christmas

There are only a few things that I would like for Christmas and I think I have been good this year.

1) I would like a bit of Lego
I need a new one to do. There is this one, it's the Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall. It's a really big set and should last me a while.

2)  Painting things
I love doing crafty things at home on my own or with my mummy and daddy, so I need some new things to do that with, as I am running out of things like glue and other things like that.

3) Play-Doh set 
I have been seeing lots of Play-Doh sets on youtube at the moment and would love one of them. I have seen this cool one, it's a Sweet Shop that makes perfect twist ice cream. It just looks like so much fun.

4) Things for my Baby Annabell
I love my Baby Annabell. I have had her for a very long time so I would like some new things for her, not sure what kind of things though, maybe some new clothes.

That's all I am after from Father Christmas. I know he has so many children to go and see so I don't think I will get everything as he is really busy. But I have been a good girl this year so I hope to get at least one or two of them.

Friday, 21 November 2014

New PJs

I got these lovely PJs recently. Mummy got these for me as we had to dress up in our PJs for Children In Need on Friday for school and hand them 50p for doing so. 

Mummy picked this one out as it's a Christmas one so I can wear it when I get to Center Parcs and all through out Christmas. The top is a light grey colour with Minnie Mouse's head and her bow has a little Christmas pattern on it, the same Christmas pattern as the trousers.

They are so fluffy inside and outside and are really cosy, great for watching a movie in the winter in the evening.

Come along and check out my youtube x

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What's coming up

Well Hello.

What have I got coming up. Well I have to learn my 3x times table for school. I already know my 5x, 2x and 10x.
Also I've got to work on my spellings and reading as I want to get in the better group at school. I think I am in the lower middle group but I am not too sure.

At dancing we are getting ready for our next dancing exam. We have done some of the moves and there's one move that I feel I am really good at. Either that or it's really easy, but I enjoy the move anyway.

My horse riding lessons are going well and I am loving them. I am getting used to the feeling of the horse when it's trotting around.

The other day it went a little bit too fast running around but I held on and did well. It was a little scary at the same time.

So life is good at the moment and not too much else to say really.

Hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Getting ready for the competition

A few weekends ago I had a dance competition and it was quite a big one with lots of different schools there.

It was quite far. For us it's about 45 minutes away, well that's what daddy said, and I did spend a lot of time in the car. In was in a place called Orpington.

I was excited and nervous at the same time but felt OK as my friend called Keili was doing it with me. We were doing a ballet piece which was only two minutes long.

The best thing about the competition was getting ready for it, putting my dress on and doing my makeup and then getting my hair done. My mummy got me dressed, my Nanny did my hair and my dance teacher did my makeup.

When you're on stage you can't see the people in the front few rows so I didn't see mummy as that's where she was sitting. She said next time she will sit in the middle, so that I can see her.

It's a little bit scary going on the stage. I feel better being in front of the camera and just talking to it.

Mummy and Daddy said that I didn't poke my tongue out this time as I normally do. But I just need to smile, so I need to work on my smile. It's hard when I am trying to remember my dance though.

It was OK as we came third and got to take a medal home with us, woohoo.
I had a good day and after we went for a Toby Carvery meal and I love a carvery.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Halloween T-Shirts

Hi Everyone

I had my friend over at the other day and mummy was very kind and brought us some t-shirt and some fabric paint, We picked them up from hobby craft we pickup up a glitter white Glitter Green and a black I was only meant to get three but Daddy let me pick up one more and he saw this Glow in dark yellow one, hehe

So We have the tops the Glitter and a pencil mummy draw to deigns for us to paint on so it was like colour me in just on a t-shirt I had a spider and my friend had some bats on it we both had Happy Halloween written on it, 

It was really fun to do and first of all it was hard so Mummy had to show us what to do and how to work the paint, We did some of it then we had a little rest and played up stairs in my room then we came back a little bit later and finished it off .

I think we did a really good and I have to say I like my one best, Mine one is the one with the spider on it  I just really like the way he hangs down from the O and has a little smile on his face. As his a nice spider I Painted his eyes in the glow in the dark paint. and did the ghost in a glitter paint on the outside of him and then glow in dark inside him. So when its dark outside people will see the ghost and the eyes of my spider,

Hope you all like them and and I will leave a video below so you can see us doing it.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Top Five Teddy Bears

Hey guys, before I go on why don't you come over to Mummy and my instagram. We are @nickigparker x

Welcome to my top five teddy bears

I will be doing this in reverse order

5) White bear
She came from a grabby game at Southend Seafront. She's white with a little red bow round her neck. She's very cuddly and fluffy and nice to hug in bed... well all of them are.

4)  Brown Bear
I made this bear! I got this from my daddy's Uncle Christopher and Auntie Jean and I had to make her myself. My Nanny helped me do this and showed me what to do. I didn't make the dress myself though but she's just so cute.

3) Rainbow Dash
You should all know who she is as she's from My Little Pony and is one of my favourite characters. She seems like the one who you don't mess with and that's what I love about her.
I love the hair on her head and her tail, all rainbow colours. So that's really great... who doesn't love a rainbow?

2) Big Tedmund
Hello. This is my big, big, big teddy bear and he is called Tedmund. Mummy and Daddy got him for me as I have been a good girl and doing well in school, so I got a treat. So thank you mummy and Daddy. He is so big that if he is in bed with me I have to sleep on top of him but he is so comfortable.

1) Anabel
I know she's not a teddy bear she is my doll and I treat her like a teddy bear. She comes to bed with me, I take her to nanny's house with me and if I get tired or anything like that it's Anabel I take. I love her lots and she was my first doll. Mummy said I got her I was about 15 months old for Christmas. I don't think any other teddy bear can come first.

I have done a youtube video so I will leave it here for you to go and have a look x

Monday, 13 October 2014

Fun in the Woods

I went for a little family walk over the weekend to our little forest near us.

We go there at least once a month for our walk, even more sometimes, but it just depends on the weather because if it's raining I don't really want to go for a walk. Mummy and Daddy say it's good for us to go for a walk, and get some fresh air and be around the trees and the plants. 

Mummy doesn't normally take her camera but this time she did and we took lots of photos and mummy took some video, so go over and check out my youtube for that.

Here are some of the photos mummy took.
This is Daddy and I having fun kicking a ball along the path. I didn't like the bikes going past really fast and I had to stop kicking the ball. They didn't even say thank you to us for waiting.

My mummy even brought some bread so I could feed the ducks. My mummy is a very nice mummy.

I had a lovely time and I can't wait to go again. And what's best, well what Daddy says anyway, is that it is free and you don't need to pay any money for it.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Meet My Friend

Hi Guys, I want to tell you about one of my friends.
She's in my class at school and I do dancing and drama with her.
I am telling you about her as she will be in one of my youtube videos soon.

Her name is Miss Simkiene. She is a little bit older then me, but in my year at school. She is Lithuanian and can speak Lithuanian. She has taught me a tiny bit of it and that's how to say I love you. But I wouldn't have a clue how to spell it and my mummy doesn't have a clue because I asked her and she said "I don't have a clue".

I'm not sure which youtube video she'll be in yet. It may be a how to or a baking one with me, I will have to ask mummy what she thinks will be best.

Well that's it for now. It will be great if you could follow me on my blog as I have just started it.

Lots of hugs are coming your way if you do and even if you don't.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Day with Nanna and Grandad.

On Saturday 27th September Mummy left me while she went to the spa with Nanny and Auntie Kelly.
She gave me a kiss when she left and took me into her bed so I could have a cuddle with Daddy but I woke up, so I waved bye to Mummy at the door and then got really upset that I wasn't going with her.

After that Daddy had a chat with me and I felt better. He told me to go back to sleep but I couldn't so I went to play with my Dolls House, while Daddy had a bit of a lie in.

Daddy was going out today as well, so Nanna and Grandad came over to look after me and they brought the doggies over too. They stay in the van and don't come in the house. Mummy said that their van is a big camper van so it's fine for them to stay in it all day.

We went on a little adventure to our local little forest called Hainault Forest. I love it there as they have a little farm with meerkats, ponies and some other animals and have a pond to walk round, so we took the dogs for a walk first and they were very good. They normally bark a lot at me but they didn't today.

When we got home Daddy had just pulled up in his car back from his rehearsal, so all the adults had a cup of tea or coffee and I played with Lego in the front room with my apple juice.

Then we went out from a meal with Nanna and Grandad to Miller and Carter. I think it's one of mummy and daddy's favourite places to eat. I had Macaroni Cheese and it was so tasty. By the time we got back home, mummy was back and waiting for her cuddle from me. So I got a lovely hug and then it was off to bed for me and Nanna and Grandad went home.

I had a really fun day with Nanna & Grandad and I can't wait to see them again soon.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Been back at school for a week.

I have been back to school for week and it's been fun. The first day I
 was really worried about it as a lot of other kids have been saying that our new teacher Miss White is really strict, but she's not, she's nice and we even have a bunny rabbit in the class with us. When we are good we are allowed to give him a cuddle and I love giving him a cuddle.

I still play with the same group of friends that I played with last year and we have no new people in our class, but that's OK. The work has been the same as last year, well the same level. That's what my mummy says anyway and she says that I am getting a lot better at maths as I now know my 2x, 5x and 10x tables. I will be learning my 3x tables soon. I'm not that great at English, I just find it harder for some reason, but mummy and daddy are helping me with it, just one step at a time.

That's it for now everyone, hope to see you soon.

Don't forget that Mummy and I have a youtube channel, so please go over and check it out.

Monday, 15 September 2014

My Time at the Zoo

When we were on holiday in the summer I went to a zoo called Africa Alive with mummy and daddy. I really enjoyed it, as I love looking at all the animals.
As it was called Africa Alive you would think there would be some elephants but no they don't have any. All they have is this wicker one that mummy and I are standing in front of being lions. I don't know why we were being lions, I think we were just having fun.

Here in this photo I was looking at some sort of beetle and reading up on it and where it came from. I can't remember where it was from or what it was now though. 

One thing that I also love doing at the zoo is getting my face painted. I get it done every year and I think it looks really good. Can you guess what I am?

I am a tiger! The woman did a really good job and was really quick.

This is a cute mummy-to-be Guinea Pig who had a really fat tummy and looked like the babies will be coming out of her belly button any day. I just wanted to give her a cuddle.

That's it for now everyone.

Here is a little video of our trip that mummy did x

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Yes, I have to say that I am a big LEGO fan. It all started off because my daddy got his down from the loft... his old Pirate Ship Lego set. He asked if I wanted to help him put it up and of course I said yes as I love spending time with my daddy.

It took us two weeks to build it as daddy and I did it after he got home from work. I really enjoyed it.

So I asked mummy and daddy if I could have some and they said if I am a good girl and work hard at school, and help mummy out around the house then they would buy me a set.

The first set I got was this one a riding school, set 3186 I loved it so for my birthday I asked for more Lego, and I got some... actually I got loads :-)

I don't know why I love Lego so much. It's just so much fun working out where all the bits go and it comes in a Disney Range now. I really want them to do a Frozen set of Lego, that would be so good. And a Beauty and the Beast set with Belle and the Beast in.

My favourite one so far is the the Disney Castle. It looks so good now it's finished.

And I also like the Friends Lego range. I am going to ask Father Christmas for some more that I haven't got.

Can't wait to get some more, I am even saving my money up for some.

Check out my youtube that I have with my mummy, as there will be a video of one of my Lego sets soon.

Here what's coming up in September

Monday, 1 September 2014

My Cute Outfit

This is one of my favourite cosy outfits for just being in the house all day while mummy was busy doing the tidying up and doing a bit of catching up on her emails and her blog. It was OK though as I did lots of crafty things and did some more of my little book that I was making over the summer holidays.

The jumper I am wearing is from Tesco, it's a size bigger than mummy would normally get for me, but she got it in the sale. It's just a little too long in the arms for me but I love all the sparkles at the top of the jumper, it's so me.

The jogging bottoms are from Tesco too, I think Mummy and Daddy must have had a little shopping spree in Tesco one day as this outfit was all from Tesco. I like them because they feel like Pyjamas, but don't look like them.

Make sure you come back soon and see me.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I have my own bookcase

Mummy and Daddy had an old bookcase. So they gave it to me for my room as I have lots of books and mummy was getting annoyed with them all being a mess in my cupboard. It's now in my room and mummy made me clean it.

I didn't really know that I had so many books and I love them all. Some of them are baby books but mummy said I have to keep them. I don't know why though.

It also had room to put my Lego that I made, so mummy didn't break it back up and put it back in cupboard or even in the loft. That mummy of mine is very cheeky.

I still have some room for some more books or some more bits of Lego. I'm
hoping to get some more for Christmas from the man in the red suit.

Hope you enjoyed my little bookcase blog. Thanks for reading it.

If you can, please come over and have a look at my and mummy's YouTube, it's full of fun x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Meet Me

Hello everyone

My Name is Summer and I finally have my own blog.
My mummy has had her own blog for a few years now and now that I have turned six my mummy has said that I can have my own one. I will be doing this with the help of my mummy and daddy as I am only six I can't spell all of the words I want to say. Most of the time I will sit with my mummy and say what I am thinking while mummy does the typing.

Hope you all enjoy what I will come up with and leave me lots of love.