Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I saw this film a few days ago now when it was a mine and Mummy day. We picked this film as it was the only kids friendly one out that I hadn't seen. It's about the Storks who don't deliver babies any more and have moved to delivering packages for places like Amazon. When they used to deliver babies a stork wanted to keep his baby Tulip that he was meant to deliver to someone else and when he went a little crazy it broke Tulip's homing beacon, so she stayed with the storks on Stork Mountain where she always made mistakes and got into trouble, When she got a letter from a little boy wanting a baby brother she put it in the baby making machine.
Then Junior had to sort her mistake out and deliver the baby without anyone knowing. Junior and Tulip went on a fun adventure.

I really liked this film it was really funny and easy to watch, I really enjoyed the end of the film when they went back into the baby delivery service and had lots of them to deliver. I love that some of the babies had pink hair and even green hair! They all looked so cute and I liked that Tulip got to be with her family in the end.

I would go and watch this film if you like a light-hearted film with a bit of a funny story, or wait and buy it on DVD.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Year 4 Homework

We all get homework, yep that little bit of joy when we get home from school, no it's not joy really. I don't mind doing it as it doesn't really take too long. We still get spellings on Monday to do for the following Monday, and get Maths and English work on a Friday to hand in on Wednesdays. They say we have to do reading every day at home but I don't, maybe every other day.

This is the sheet we have to pick from, we only have to do one of these a week and they go from easy to hard. I have only done the easy ones at the moment I think I am going to do a harder one this week as I have more time this weekend. 

In Maths we just get a sheet each week and have to fill it out. Maths only takes me about 10 mins so I normally do that when I get home from school, just to get it done and out the way.

That's all I have to really say about my homework. Hope you enjoyed it.

Mummy and Daughter Day 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


When we were away for a few days we went to see the film Trolls at the local movies and what a great film it was. I didn't really know what to expect before I saw it other than lots of little Trolls running around. The motto for Trolls is Sing, Dance & Hug and that's mainly what they did throughout the film.

The story is based around Princess Poppy. When the Trolls' old enemy the Bergens find Troll village Poppy goes on an adventure with her friend Branch to find their friends that got taken by Chef Bergen.
Chef Bergen takes them because when the Bergens eat a Troll they are happy and it only happens once a year. On their adventure Princess Poppy nearly gets eaten by spiders, plants and other things. She only manages to carry on by singing herself happy songs, then Branch comes and helps her from the spider.

Branch isn't a happy Troll, he doesn't sing and dance like the rest of them because when he was younger his nan got eaten by a Bergen because he was singing and his nan was trying to save him. When this happened he turned into a grey Troll. But by the end with the help of Poppy he returns to being a happy singing and dancing Troll and falls in love with Princess Poppy.

Once Poppy and Branch helped their friends they help Bridget who is a Bergen but who loves singing and dancing and also loves King Gristle. They help her and King Gristle fall in love and show them that they don't need to eat Trolls to feel happy anymore. And the film ends with of course a song and lots of hugs.

I love this film and would love it for Christmas with maybe a Poppy Troll.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Next Step

Last Sunday I was lucky girl, I got to go and see The Next Step live at Hammersmith Apollo. Yes I got to watch them dance, I got to see Michelle, James, Giselle, Eldon, Noah and Richelle. 
My favourite was Noah, he can really dance. He can do some great Ballet, which I love to watch and do lots of spins in a row. They are all of course great at dancing, if they were bad they wouldn't be in The Next step. They also had someone from Lost and Found and they sang a song which was pretty great and I wasn't expecting it. They also did a few duos and Richelle & Noah were best out of all the them. I don't really know what to say other than it was fantastic and you all need to go and see it. You will not be disappointed. I would like to thank my Nanny for taking me and I can't wait to see if they do it again next year as I would love to go again and see them.

My Halloween fun Video