Wednesday, 22 November 2017

October Lookover

Well Hello, it's not long until Christmas now. I think that's a little crazy but let's get on to what I have been getting up to in October.
The first main thing was my dancing competition. I was only in two group dances this year. One with four of us (that's the one in the black with red bows), which was a modern dance, and I also did a lyrical with three of us in a gold dress.

I got my yellow star at school on the 16th for 10 bits of outstanding work. I'm one of the first in my class which I am proud of. I have also started Piano lessons again with my dad to get ready for my Prep Test.

I have just come back from our little holiday in Kessingland. It was very cold but it was fun being by the beach. We also went to LEGOLAND for a day and a half and stayed in a nearby Hilton hotel which was lovely. LEGOLAND was really fun and I'll go into more detail in another post soon. 

hen we got back home we went to see The Lorax at the Old Vic Theatre. It was absolutely brilliant and the Lorax was so cute, everyone else was good as well but the Lorax was the best, he was a little puppet.

Now I am back at school for the last few days of October I just can't wait until our next holiday from school as it will be Christmas.

Check out my Disney Video x

Thursday, 26 October 2017

New Trainers

The other day we went shopping to find me a new pair of nice shoes as my favourite black glittery Kitty ones that I wear for parties don't fit me anymore. Daddy said he would buy me a new pair, only problem was when we went shopping I couldn't find any shoes that I really liked, but I found a lovely pair of trainers. I don't actually need any trainers at the moment. but I have fallen in love with them.

 We went to TK Maxx and these ones were just sitting there. They are lovely bright pink with three lighter pink stripes, with the word Adidas at the back of the shoe. My mum told me they are actually a designer shoe and when she was younger Adidas was popular, I'm not sure if it is now. But that doesn't bother me, I just think they look really cute on me and that they are really comfortable as well. My mum is planning to run the Disneyland Paris half marathon next year and they also do a 5K run and I am allowed to run one. So mummy says that I can do running with her at the weekends which I am excited about. I will definitely be keeping you up-to-date on the running.

I also have lots of sports wear that will go with my new Trainers. I only have a lot of it because I go dancing a lot.

Here is my September Book Review, I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Why I am Not Into Dance Competitions

Before you read this blog post, I am very proud of my friends when they get their medals at dancing. Most of the time they do deserve it, and at some point and I will see them in music videos or on the West End stage. And when they are on the West End stage I will be there buying a ticket to go and see them and support them. I put this first as some of the rest of the blog post might seem a bit like me moaning. That is just my opinion.

At the moment I'm not really into dance competitions, I'm not sure if it is the fact that last year I completely mucked up my bellet, and that I really wasn't confident on stage (not like the rest of my dance friends) or the fact that even if you think you have done well, you are really proud of yourself, you still get really bad marks and don't really get anything to show for it. Or the fact that it's always the same people that get first, or if you're a boy and didn't do that well you'll still probably be first because you're a boy and they try to encourage boys into dancing more.

The parents get way into it as well. Once I caught one of the mums shouting at the kid before he went on stage because he forgot one of his moves when he was practising. I don't mean a little shout, it was a big shout out, I felt really sorry for him. And did I mention it all happened just before he was about to go on stage to perform this dance. That is not a nice thing to do to the kid. It's absolutely horrible.
  I'm not sure what my mum is like when I'm at a dancing competitions, I know that she feels really nervous for me and when I get nervous she always says it's up to me if I want to go on stage still. She lets me pick out whichever dress I want for that solo and she always tells me don't worry what happens and that she'll always be proud of me. But she does say to me before I enter any competitions it's up to me how much work I put in. If I put in a lot of effort in I will do well, if I don't put in effort then I won't. She will not push me but she says I should not let my friends down (that's if I'm doing a group dance) and that if you're working in a group you work as a team, because otherwise you are only as bad as the worst person. I didn't have a clue what that meant first of all but after she explained it to me I got it, it means that if you are the worst person the whole group is the same level as you. If your friend is the worst person you are at there level as it's a group, so you work as a team. Don't moan if someone's got a bigger part that you, it just might mean that they are slightly better than you are at that part.

There is one main thing I like about competitions and that is getting my make up and hair done, choosing a very pretty dress and working hard on a dance to the point where it's at perfection, and you are doing the moves perfectly. 

 What I absolutely hate is away you go on stage and you get judged, you will get 1st, 2nd, 3rd or you just don't place. I love dancing for just dancing, not for someone to tell if I am any good at it. If I am then great, if I am not then I don't mind.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Birthday Party

The other night I had one of my friend's birthday parties. Let's call her dancing S. As you know I don't use real names in my blogs. She turned nine years old and her mum hired out a room in the pub nearby only five minutes from my house and right opposite the school. And of course I got dressed up in a nice outfit. My mum was also invited as she is friends with dancing S's mum.

When we got there I saw a photo booth. I've got a few photos with my friends, there was also a garden out the back with trampolines, footballs and other fun outdoor things. I spent a lot of time out there. There were so many balloons as well and we all know how much I love balloons. She even had a Pinata but there was nowhere to hang it up so her mum in the end just threw all the sweets in the air and we had to catch them. I was in the perfect location for this, right in the middle and instead of trying to catch them I went straight to the floor to pick up the ones that everyone missed. I've got lots of my favourite sweets.

 We didn't end up leaving the party until about 9 o'clock. Mum dropped me home and she went back just for one more drink with her friends. It was a fantastic party. Oh, thank you very much dancing S, and happy birthday

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

September Lookover

What can I say about September? Well I've been back to school and it's going okay, well more than okay. I'm doing pretty well at school, we have to do something called Manga High for Maths homework at this moment in time and I am 8th in the whole entire school, which is pretty good. Over the next week I will try and work my way up into the top five. We also do a reading scheme at school. So far I have read four books and have passed all my books. I'm going to try and keep on top of that, as
I would really like to read 20 by the time we break up for Christmas.

  I had a friend's birthday party to go to this month and also I went to a birthday party with my parents for one of my dad's friends. It was my daddy's birthday too!

At school we had a really random school trip to the local library, not entirely sure why we had this trip but we had it. And we had a Vikings banquet at school. All it was, was that we dressed up as Vikings and had a packed lunch in the School hall instead of the dining hall. We are supposedly having another Vikings day in October.

  I have been doing lots of dance practice, as I have a competition coming up in October. I think it's on the 8th in the afternoon.

That's all for September, let's get ready for October.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

I Am 9

Yes, I am nine years old, I actually turned nine about a month ago and I don't really feel much different. For my birthday we went to see Wind in the Willows at the London Palladium, my mum and dad got these tickets for my birthday so the three of us went and also my Nanny did. I absolutely loved the show, I can now say to everyone that I pooped in the Palladium (if you've seen it you know what I mean). The cast were fantastic, at the end of the show they even did a little singalong, which made it 10 times better.
After the show daddy booked a table at Frankie & Benny's which was only two doors down, I got this amazing milkshake, it was humongous and tasted lovely. At the end I had a cake brought out and everyone sang happy birthday to me. The cake had like a firework in it, mum says they are known as indoor fireworks and I have to admit I absolutely loved it. By the time we got home that night it wasn't too late but I was tired after a fun filled day.

Oh, I am nearly at 300 on YouTube so it would be great if you could pop over and subscribe.

Here is a little video of what I got for my 9th Birthday.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

August Lookover

August was full of lots of fun, as we didn't have any school, which was actually great. We went on a little holiday to Scotland, for h we spent a lot of time in the car as it was a lot of driving. Also I stayed at my cousins for a few nights as my mum had to look after my cousins and my auntie was at work. I went to Paradise Wildlife Park, had some bowling fun and had lots of mummy and daughter time making cakes and doing crafts in the house as some of the weather was not great.

  It was also my birthday and my mummy's too, it was mine first and then my mum's two days after. That's the week my dad had off work so we did quite a few things that week.

Overall I had a fantastic August, bit of a shame that we are back at school but it's only 6 weeks until our next week off.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Disney Ears

I am a big fan of Disney, well my mum and I are, we are big Disney fans, and when you are a big Disney fan you end up with lots of Disney ears. At this moment we have 6 different Disney ears, some of them are from the parks and some are handmade via Etsy. I am now going to show you all of them on this blog post but make sure to check out the video below to see all of them if you want.

The first pair is the Minnie Mouse ears above, they are handmade by someone called Queen  Ursula and she has her own website. They did take a while to come but I love them, they are so shiny and on the other side is Mickey Mouse, so I can pick which one I want depending on my mood and who I have my photo taken with. They are really comfortable.

This is my favourite pair, I call them my pirate Mickey. These are handmade by someone called Merryearmarket on Etsy, they are so comfortable and really well made. These ones I will definitely be taking on my Disney trip next year.

These bright pink ones are from Disneyland Paris. I love how bright they are and all the sequins on them. I have lots of pink clothes so I can definitely find an outfit to go with them. These ears are about three years old, but are still looking good.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Story Time - Broken Wrist

 Sorry I haven't been around lately just been having some time off, I've had lots of things going on at school. I have broken my wrist and it makes it hard to write as I broke my wrist on my right, and that's the hand I write with. I have been resting it up and making sure I don't overdo it.

This post is all about when I broke my wrist.  It was on sports day. All was fine for the morning bit of sports day, they were throwing and running races, nothing that interesting. I had lunch as normal and then it was outside in the playground to do some more of the fun games.
 The first game was a beanbag race with it on your head, where you walk up and down with it on your head. That was fine but we had some time left afterwards, before we had to go on to the next game so one of the helpers in our class said now to do it backwards. And that is where it all went wrong. I got the beanbag, put it on my head, started walking backwards. That was okay until I got back to the end where my group was waiting for me. I didnt see them as I was walking backwards so I tripped over one of them, fell into the basketball post and I landed really awkwardly on my arm.
Then I pretty much screamed. I got taken straight to First Aid and had some ice put on it. Luckily my mum was there as she works there so she rang my dad and we went to hospital to get it checked out.

And of course I broke my wrist. By the time you have read this I don't have my cast on anymore but I still have to be really careful with my wrist as it's going to be weak for a bit.

It's funny as I'm the first one in my family to actually break a bone, thought it would be one of my cousins first but no, it was me.

Here is a little video that I did last year I hope you enjoy make sure watch and have fun.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July Lookover

July has been a month of ups and downs,
it's the last month of being in school till we break up for the summer holidays, so school is getting things sorted. We have been tested lots and silly little things like that. In the last few weeks of school it's normally parties, watching movies and sports day and I really don't like sports day, well I don't anymore. I broke my wrist. I survived the first half of sports day, but I didn't come off well on the second half, I will go into this in more detail but all I will say now is that it really hurt, and I had to wear my cast for four weeks. That means I had to skip dancing and acro which I love, but on a good note I got to miss PE lessons, which I don't like doing.

I've been on a daddy and daughter day today, we went to see Minions 3 and had Zizzi, which was lovely. We picked up mummy on the way home at about 11:30, she was at the pub with her friends. We also went along to Southend one evening as a family and we played on the beach for a bit. I still had my cast on then so I couldn't actually go in the sea, or get too much sand in my cast as it would have got really, really sore.

Not much else has happened this month which I am happy about. I can't wait until August as it is my birthday month and also my mummy's birthday. Oh yeah and no school.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

May Lookover

28th May - Okay I've completely forgotten to write about my week as I've been busy with school and dancing, I'm just having fun as a child really. I haven't been doing much of YouTube either but would really like to start getting back into that again as I really enjoy it and it let's me get my creativity out. So what's been going on this month?

Well I have been working really hard at school and it's paying off as on most of my tests that include maths and spellings I've been getting full marks, 15 out of 15 on my spellings and 25 out of 25 on my maths work. I now get to start doing the year five maths tests. We've been learning a lot about Shakespeare too and I have been enjoying it but after two weeks of Shakespeare it got kind of boring. We got to look at the play Romeo and Juliet, my mum says there is a film based on this too so maybe we can sit and watch it together, but I'm not sure if we have it on DVD.

Dancing has been going well, there are competitions at the moment but I am not in them, I'm just having a bit of a break from competitions. But I really like not being in them as it's only four of us not doing them and we get taken to one side to learn different things. We are learning how to spin properly and I love doing that. I think my spinning has come on really well, can't wait to do it like the big girls do at dancing. Also we have been doing jumps & straddles, which I am getting pretty good at too.

As of today I have a week off school, it's just me and mummy for the week and I don't think we have any plans, which I'm quite looking forward to. Only plan we have is maybe going to see my auntie and my cousin on Wednesday and of course what we do every time we have off, we will be doing some baking. And she will be helping me make some YouTube videos too as I have so many ideas going on in my head.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Just Add Magic (Amazon Prime)

There is this programme called Just Add Magic, it's on Amazon Prime and is based on a book. It is a great programme at the moment and it's got series 1 and series 2. It is obviously based in America because they all speak American and it's based in a small town. It mainly revolves around three friends Kelly, Derby and Hannah.  Kelly finds an old family recipe book that her grandma once used with her two best friends. But the thing they didn't know was that it is a magical recipe book, that when you bake and eat from it the magic will happen. It can be anything from going back in time to making someone be quiet for a bit or even a day.

I love this show, as it's all about friends and staying together and helping each other out. And who wouldn't want to be able to make cakes and play with magic at the same time. It looks like they are going to film another series and I can't wait to watch it when it comes onto Amazon. I just hope it's soon!

I need to find something else to watch on Amazon now.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Boat Fun

When we went on Holiday to the Isle of Wight we want to a little beach at The Needles, it was a very busy place with lots of things to do. They have rides right at the top of the cliff and some food places. It was all lovely but the best thing of all was going on a speedboat.

It was a bright yellow speedboat called Summer Rose. There was about 10 people I think on the boat and it went so fast. I was a little nervous at first because I've never been on one before but oh my it was fantastic. It went really fast so the wind was in my hair and some of the waves we went over made my tummy do a belly flip. I was even brave enough to stick my hands up in the air. The only bit I didn't like that much was when some of the water went in my face. If you ever get to go on a speedboat I would definitely recommend it.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

April Lookover

 12th April - Hello April
The weather has been lovely so far in April, and the best thing about April is that I am off school for about three weeks I don't go back until Thursday, which I find very weird as that means only two days at school that week, but I am not complaining.

   The first week of Easter I went on a family holiday just mum , dad and me to the Isle of Wight, and we stayed in a lodge cabin type of thing, but the best thing about that was that it had a jacuzzi in it, and we went in it every day, and even late at night which I loved. We also went out and about to places like The Needles where we went on a speedboat which was fantastic. And we spent some time on the beach.
When we got home dad had to go back to work but mum was still off and we have just been having fun at home, we went to see the film Beauty and the Beast one day and had a cheeky McDs for lunch. We got ourselves VIP seats at the movies which I love, they are so big and comfortable.

18th April - Easter weekend has just been and I had lots of fun, I have seen lots of family. At first we went to my Nanna's house to see my mum's side of family and had lots of fun doing an Easter egg hunt with all my little cousins. On the 17th April I did the same again with my dad's side of the family but all my cousins on that side are older than me. We did end up going to the park and playing football which was really fun. Now we're back home having a few chill out days as I am back to school on Thursday.

30th April - I have got my dance exam result back and I have only gone and passed it! I worked hard on that and I am very happy that I passed.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

March Lookover


March has been a busy one for me, I have had swimming lessons at school every Wednesday and we are practicing for our school play that we are doing at the end of term. The play is Aladdin, not like the film, we are putting our own spin on it. I also had my Dance exam in Ballet and my Singing Prep Test this month. I think they both went well but I will find out in April if I have passed them both and if so by how much.

In the play I have a very small role and have one line but I am on stage a lot and have a lot of singing to do. Other than that not much else has happened, I hope you enjoyed my little blog x

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

February Lookover

Yes, I know I am a little behind but here is what I got up to in February.

February has been fine, school has been normal and we are still going to swimming lessons every Wednesday afternoon. I've also entered the BBC competition 500 Word big write. I don't think I have any chance of winning but have still entered it and I won't hear anything until April now. We have had a week off school and in that week I did lots of cooking with my mum and watching Stampy on YouTube. Okay that sounds a little boring but I did do other things as well like lots of drawing and playing Lego and also went to a trampoline park for the first time called Bounce Extreme and it was absolutely fantastic.  loved it and really want to go again!

I have ended up with a cold for the last few days of the holidays. I did go to Romford with my mum and picked up some cross-stitching things as I really enjoyed doing that in school so I am going to carry on with it at home with the help of my mum.  I have another cousin! My Auntie had a little girl called Rosie on the 18th February at 1.40 weighing 6lb 14oz. On that day we went for a lovely walk just to get out of the house and we saw some deer. It was also my Nanny's birthday so we spent the weekend with her at my sister's house and at my Nanny's house.

It's now the end of February and next month will be a busy one as I have my dance exam and singing exam coming up in March. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

January Lookover

I thought I would do a monthly blog post where I would write what I got up to each month for you all and for me to look back on at some point.
So here we go.

In January I had to get back into the school routine which was hard. I also joined two school clubs, Choir that I do every term as I really enjoy it as I love to sing, and I also joined a new one called Film Club where we get to sit and watch a film for an hour and then say what we thought about it. I really like that too. I do both my clubs with my best friend Faye. In school we have also started swimming lessons, we have only been three times and I love that too even though I have to wear a swimming hat and it does not look good. It's really hard to put on so I have to ask the teacher help me with that.

Dancing is going really well and I love it. My teachers are great and make us work hard but that's how we get better. I also had a lesson with a woman called Rosina Andrews who is an international dancer and she helped us with pirouettes which I loved and found really fun. I still need to work on my acro as I am great with backbends and flips but I would love to be better.

The other thing that has happend is that I stayed the night at my Nanny's house and she took me to the movies to see Sing. Oh my it was great and I really enjoyed it and I think my Nanny enjoyed it too. Not much else has been going on other than the normal things that I get up to every day.

Here is my youtube video please take a look,

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Princess Tsum Tsum Box

As you all know by now I love Disney Tsum Tsums, so when Clintons brought out this box of Princess Tsum Tsums I knew I had to ask for it. As I have been good, I  got it!

You get 6 Princess Tsum Tsums... Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Jasmine. They are all so cute and will look great in my collection. I have to say my favourite has to be Belle with her beautiful eyes and her yellow dress. I think it would be cute if they did a Belle in her blue dress as well.

I really like Ariel as well and the way they have done her tail, it just looks really cute at the bottom of the Tsum Tsum. I think they have done her hair with the little star fish very well. They are my two favourite ones. I will have to show you all my collection soon in a blog post, it may be a long one if I do that though, hehe :-)

Here is a little video That I did I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Cath Kidston Tea Set

I wanted to show you all this lovely tea set that I got. I had some money left from Christmas so I bought myself this Cath Kidston play tea set. I think it cost about £20 in the shops and online.

The tea set comes with its own teapot, four cups, four plates, a milk jug and a sugar jug. Obviously I don't put milk or sugar in them as they are just a play set. The thing I find most cute is that it also comes with four little teabags. And they are pink and white so go perfectly with this set. The design on the set is pretty flowers on a white background, I think they have done that so the flowers stand out. And it also comes with own little box where you can put the tea set once you have finished playing with it.

I like to listen to my music playing with my teddy bears, even sometimes mum and dad come and join in the tea party. None of my friends have played that yet because I'm little bit scared they might break it as it's made of China and it's very fragile. Mummy says I should look after it well as it's a really nice thing to have. So after I'm done playing with it it always goes back in the box and back on my side.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Yes, it is 2017. I had a fantastic year last year going to Disney World with my family and Canada to see some family.

Can I make this year better though? Well I don't think I will be going to Disney again this year but I can still make this year great. I have two big things planned already, they may not be big things to you but they are big things to me... One of them is me having my first music exam in Singing and the other is another Dancing exam and it's been a while since I've done one so I am pretty nervous for both of them. Also this term at school I have started swimming lessons, we only have half an hour in the pool and there are 30 of us trying to learn so we don't get much time, but I still enjoy it.

I plan to work hard this year on the things that I want to do well in and also the things that I'm not so good at.
I hope I can stick to it.