Friday, 21 November 2014

New PJs

I got these lovely PJs recently. Mummy got these for me as we had to dress up in our PJs for Children In Need on Friday for school and hand them 50p for doing so. 

Mummy picked this one out as it's a Christmas one so I can wear it when I get to Center Parcs and all through out Christmas. The top is a light grey colour with Minnie Mouse's head and her bow has a little Christmas pattern on it, the same Christmas pattern as the trousers.

They are so fluffy inside and outside and are really cosy, great for watching a movie in the winter in the evening.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What's coming up

Well Hello.

What have I got coming up. Well I have to learn my 3x times table for school. I already know my 5x, 2x and 10x.
Also I've got to work on my spellings and reading as I want to get in the better group at school. I think I am in the lower middle group but I am not too sure.

At dancing we are getting ready for our next dancing exam. We have done some of the moves and there's one move that I feel I am really good at. Either that or it's really easy, but I enjoy the move anyway.

My horse riding lessons are going well and I am loving them. I am getting used to the feeling of the horse when it's trotting around.

The other day it went a little bit too fast running around but I held on and did well. It was a little scary at the same time.

So life is good at the moment and not too much else to say really.

Hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Getting ready for the competition

A few weekends ago I had a dance competition and it was quite a big one with lots of different schools there.

It was quite far. For us it's about 45 minutes away, well that's what daddy said, and I did spend a lot of time in the car. In was in a place called Orpington.

I was excited and nervous at the same time but felt OK as my friend called Keili was doing it with me. We were doing a ballet piece which was only two minutes long.

The best thing about the competition was getting ready for it, putting my dress on and doing my makeup and then getting my hair done. My mummy got me dressed, my Nanny did my hair and my dance teacher did my makeup.

When you're on stage you can't see the people in the front few rows so I didn't see mummy as that's where she was sitting. She said next time she will sit in the middle, so that I can see her.

It's a little bit scary going on the stage. I feel better being in front of the camera and just talking to it.

Mummy and Daddy said that I didn't poke my tongue out this time as I normally do. But I just need to smile, so I need to work on my smile. It's hard when I am trying to remember my dance though.

It was OK as we came third and got to take a medal home with us, woohoo.
I had a good day and after we went for a Toby Carvery meal and I love a carvery.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Halloween T-Shirts

Hi Everyone

I had my friend over at the other day and mummy was very kind and brought us some t-shirt and some fabric paint, We picked them up from hobby craft we pickup up a glitter white Glitter Green and a black I was only meant to get three but Daddy let me pick up one more and he saw this Glow in dark yellow one, hehe

So We have the tops the Glitter and a pencil mummy draw to deigns for us to paint on so it was like colour me in just on a t-shirt I had a spider and my friend had some bats on it we both had Happy Halloween written on it, 

It was really fun to do and first of all it was hard so Mummy had to show us what to do and how to work the paint, We did some of it then we had a little rest and played up stairs in my room then we came back a little bit later and finished it off .

I think we did a really good and I have to say I like my one best, Mine one is the one with the spider on it  I just really like the way he hangs down from the O and has a little smile on his face. As his a nice spider I Painted his eyes in the glow in the dark paint. and did the ghost in a glitter paint on the outside of him and then glow in dark inside him. So when its dark outside people will see the ghost and the eyes of my spider,

Hope you all like them and and I will leave a video below so you can see us doing it.