Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Been back at school for a week.

I have been back to school for week and it's been fun. The first day I
 was really worried about it as a lot of other kids have been saying that our new teacher Miss White is really strict, but she's not, she's nice and we even have a bunny rabbit in the class with us. When we are good we are allowed to give him a cuddle and I love giving him a cuddle.

I still play with the same group of friends that I played with last year and we have no new people in our class, but that's OK. The work has been the same as last year, well the same level. That's what my mummy says anyway and she says that I am getting a lot better at maths as I now know my 2x, 5x and 10x tables. I will be learning my 3x tables soon. I'm not that great at English, I just find it harder for some reason, but mummy and daddy are helping me with it, just one step at a time.

That's it for now everyone, hope to see you soon.

Don't forget that Mummy and I have a youtube channel, so please go over and check it out.

Monday, 15 September 2014

My Time at the Zoo

When we were on holiday in the summer I went to a zoo called Africa Alive with mummy and daddy. I really enjoyed it, as I love looking at all the animals.
As it was called Africa Alive you would think there would be some elephants but no they don't have any. All they have is this wicker one that mummy and I are standing in front of being lions. I don't know why we were being lions, I think we were just having fun.

Here in this photo I was looking at some sort of beetle and reading up on it and where it came from. I can't remember where it was from or what it was now though. 

One thing that I also love doing at the zoo is getting my face painted. I get it done every year and I think it looks really good. Can you guess what I am?

I am a tiger! The woman did a really good job and was really quick.

This is a cute mummy-to-be Guinea Pig who had a really fat tummy and looked like the babies will be coming out of her belly button any day. I just wanted to give her a cuddle.

That's it for now everyone.

Here is a little video of our trip that mummy did x

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Yes, I have to say that I am a big LEGO fan. It all started off because my daddy got his down from the loft... his old Pirate Ship Lego set. He asked if I wanted to help him put it up and of course I said yes as I love spending time with my daddy.

It took us two weeks to build it as daddy and I did it after he got home from work. I really enjoyed it.

So I asked mummy and daddy if I could have some and they said if I am a good girl and work hard at school, and help mummy out around the house then they would buy me a set.

The first set I got was this one a riding school, set 3186 I loved it so for my birthday I asked for more Lego, and I got some... actually I got loads :-)

I don't know why I love Lego so much. It's just so much fun working out where all the bits go and it comes in a Disney Range now. I really want them to do a Frozen set of Lego, that would be so good. And a Beauty and the Beast set with Belle and the Beast in.

My favourite one so far is the the Disney Castle. It looks so good now it's finished.

And I also like the Friends Lego range. I am going to ask Father Christmas for some more that I haven't got.

Can't wait to get some more, I am even saving my money up for some.

Check out my youtube that I have with my mummy, as there will be a video of one of my Lego sets soon.

Here what's coming up in September

Monday, 1 September 2014

My Cute Outfit

This is one of my favourite cosy outfits for just being in the house all day while mummy was busy doing the tidying up and doing a bit of catching up on her emails and her blog. It was OK though as I did lots of crafty things and did some more of my little book that I was making over the summer holidays.

The jumper I am wearing is from Tesco, it's a size bigger than mummy would normally get for me, but she got it in the sale. It's just a little too long in the arms for me but I love all the sparkles at the top of the jumper, it's so me.

The jogging bottoms are from Tesco too, I think Mummy and Daddy must have had a little shopping spree in Tesco one day as this outfit was all from Tesco. I like them because they feel like Pyjamas, but don't look like them.

Make sure you come back soon and see me.