Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Top Five Animals

So I am here with my Top Five Animals

1) Zebra
My favourite one is Zebra. They are just so sweet, I am not sure why I like them so much but I love their colour and they are very beautiful animals and seem so elegant.

2) Elephant
They are very precious creatures and we need to look after them. I call them the gentle giants of the Animal world due to them being so big. They don't like to hurt anyone, only if their family get hurt.

3) Penguin
The way they walk makes me laugh so much and they all walk in line, they just look like little cuddly toys.

4) Giraffe
They are so tall and get to eat all the nice leaves on the top of the tree. They have really long legs that look like they will fall down but they never do.

5) Monkey
They look like they are having fun all the time and when they are not they are just chilling out having a sleep or eating food. That would be a good life to have.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Daddy's Day

I love my daddy lots, he helps me out with so many things. He teaches me how to cook as he is great at cooking carbonara and homemade pizza. He teaches me how to sing and I will be doing my singing test soon. And he make me laugh. And does make the best indoor tent in the world.

He also works very hard for me and sometimes does not get home until very late when I am already in bed fast asleep.

It was Father's Day a few days ago (I call it Daddy's Day) and we made him breakfast in bed, a cup of tea and gave him his card and a little gift. The gift was a film that he wanted called Spooks as he is watching the TV show of it at the moment. He loved it.

Also mummy made a nice Roast dinner for us, she's not the best at cooking but she did a great job and I ate it all up. That day daddy had a gig to go to so that afternoon he was out so it was just a mummy and summer afternoon.
I missed daddy lots that afternoon but I can have more fun with him at the weekend and maybe a bit tonight that if he's not home too late.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Love of Dresses

I love clothing and I especially love dresses, I would wear dresses all the time if I could. So I thought I would show my two favourite ones.

First up is my most favourite one of all and the newest one of all. It's from the Sainsbury's TU range and even though I am only 7 year's old Mummy picked up size 9 as I am tall for my age.
It's a bright Pink dress with lots of flowers and some birds over it and has a lovely gold glitter belt that sits on my waist and bring it in. It is a little bit too big for me around the tummy bit.
The length of it comes just up to my knees.

This dress is great for a friend's party or even a BBQ. I wore it last week to my cousin's garden party.

Dress Number two is this baby yellow dress from Next. I got it last year as my favourite colour is yellow and I love this style of dress, it's like a shirt at the top of the dress and when you spin the bottom of the skirt it comes out like a princess dress. I think this will be the last summer I wear this one as it is getting a little bit tight for me.

I will be posting more photos of my clothing up as I love clothes so much and if you want to check out my Instagam there will be lots of photos on there of my dress and outfits.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Happy Birthday Izzy

Happy Birthday to my cousin Izzy.

My cousin Izzy (the birthday girl)

It was my cousin's birthday and she had a little party at my Nanny's house with the family and two of her friends. We were only there for 4 hours but it was a fun 4 hours, she had lots of food and a bouncy castle and best of all, all my cousins were there so I played with them.

I only saw them three days earlier as my mum had to go and look after them while my aunt was at work.

As soon as we got there I took my shoes off and went on the bouncy castle. All of my cousins followed me. I love them all lots but sometimes they are hard work and I just want to be on my own a little bit. 

My other cousins (Joshua & Zach)

My nanny also has a trampoline with the bright colour balls in the photo above on it and that's fun jumping around it with them on it. It was a really hot day so I changed out of my party dress and into shorts and a t-shirt... it was so much cooler in that.


Now onto the food. It was BBQ and I wasn't really into the BBQ food as we only had one the day before so I had all the other bits they had like Chicken Nuggets and other small bits like that. But best of all was the cake. Izzy had one made by her Mummy and it was a ladybird. She also had these cupcakes made by someone and they are Ben & Holly ones. They are so cute and are really yummy as well.

I am super tired now and I have to go back to school tomorrow.

Make sure you come back next week to see what I have to say (HEHE).

Here are my May Favourites if you fancy checking it out.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Other characters I met

I showed you a few weeks ago all of the Princesses that I met, now it's time to show you all the other  characters I met too.

 1)  Tinkerbell. I love Tinkerbell, she is my favourite one out of all the Disney characters. She seems fun and she can fly. I love her green dress and her cute shoes and the place we saw her had great big flowers, it made me feel really small just like a Fairy.

2) Flick the Ant from Bugs Life. He only had a few people waiting to see him so we jumped in the line to see him. He was so nice and we got lots of photos taken with him. Daddy liked seeing him the most I think.

3) Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As we were in Disney World we had to meet these two as they are the main characters to meet in the park. We saw them at Animal Kingdom and Mummy booked a fast pass for me. I loved seeing them here as they were in different outfits to what they are normally in and Minnie looked really cute in her one.

4) Joy and Sadness from Inside Out. I loved seeing these two as I had only watched the film a few weeks before we went to Disney. The line to meet these two was very long though. We even got a group hug with them and my Mummy and Daddy.

5) Goofy and Pluto. We met both of them at the same time and they are really funny together. I am not too sure what's going on with Goofy's outfit but it's a lot of fun. 

6) Mary Poppins. As she is from UK we had to go and see her and talk to her. We told her what the weather had been like back in the UK and she said that she will have to go back to the UK soon. 

7) Tarzan. I never thought I would meet him on my trip but we saw a tiny line and asked what was it for and they told us so we thought why not and waited as we were right near the front. He didn't say much.

Out of all these characters I think Tinkerbell has to be the best one I met, as I just love her.