Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Yearly look over

So it's now 2017, it's crazy really. I am now 8 years old and in Year 4 at school. I still have the same friends that I did in Year 3 and my best friend is Faye.

School this year has been ok, it's school so not too much to really talk about here really. I enjoy maths, art and music and don't really like PE. Well I don't like the PE teacher and I think she has her favourites, and the Computer teacher is mean as he shouts a lot. So I don't really care for those lessons much. I do lots of exercise outside of school and mummy and daddy are slowly teaching me how to use computers as in those to lessons I don't think I have really learnt that much.

The best thing about 2016 was going to Canada to see my family and going to Disney World in Florida, America to meet the real Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I can talk about this a lot but I think I've done a proper post on this. Link here. I also met so many Princesses. We stayed in the park till midnight and had lots of Starbucks, got to meet Tinkerbell and went swimming most days in Disney. In Canada I got to play in the snow with my cousin Benjamin who I hadn't seen in ages. It was also my first time on a plane. On this trip I went on four planes and I really enjoyed it.

I have been on a few little holidays as well, first up was a weekend away in Devon to see family, then Chessington World of Adventures staying in the hotel, then Kessingland for just a bit of a chillout. And of course Center Parcs. All of my holidays have been fun and I have loved all of them in different ways.

I got to see my favourite show The Next Step live, which was great. Also I got to see a small production of Annie, and I got to go with my school to the Royal Albert Hall. That was an amazing experience.

I have to say I haven't had a bad experience this year. I don't think 2017 will be as big as this year as we don't have a big holiday planned but mummy and I have plans for 2018, hehe.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

New Tsum Tsum

I have some lovely new Tsum Tsums that I have got over the last few months.

So I thought I'd tell you the new ones that I have.
The first one is Pinocchio. I actually don't think I have seen this film but I do know of the film, I love the way they have put his big pointy nose on there and I love the colour of his bright yellow top.
I have a new princess collection and that is Princess Jasmine, I do enjoy the film Aladdin. And it's always great to have a new princess in my collection. 
I have added my first villain to the collection, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, she is one of my favourite villains of all time. They have made her so well in a Tsum Tsum and I love it the way they made her face purple. Carrying on with The Little Mermaid I have Flounder, he is Ariel's friend. This
Tsum Tsum is full of lovely bright colours.
I have a new Winnie the Pooh one to add to my collection too, it's Eeyore who is the saddest character out of Winnie the Pooh and all I really want to do is give him a big hug.
Now another new princess that has been added to my collection is Rapunzel. I love the way they have done her hair, they have made it long and they have put pretty flowers in it. I absolutely love this one. 
Now onto The Lion King, I have Simba. Not too much to really say about this one other than it looks like a lion!
And the last one to add to my collection is Christophe from Frozen, I don't have many boy Tsum Tsums so it's nice to add him to my collection.

Here is the Video of all my New Tsum Tsum I hope you all enjoy.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I saw this film a few days ago now when it was a mine and Mummy day. We picked this film as it was the only kids friendly one out that I hadn't seen. It's about the Storks who don't deliver babies any more and have moved to delivering packages for places like Amazon. When they used to deliver babies a stork wanted to keep his baby Tulip that he was meant to deliver to someone else and when he went a little crazy it broke Tulip's homing beacon, so she stayed with the storks on Stork Mountain where she always made mistakes and got into trouble, When she got a letter from a little boy wanting a baby brother she put it in the baby making machine.
Then Junior had to sort her mistake out and deliver the baby without anyone knowing. Junior and Tulip went on a fun adventure.

I really liked this film it was really funny and easy to watch, I really enjoyed the end of the film when they went back into the baby delivery service and had lots of them to deliver. I love that some of the babies had pink hair and even green hair! They all looked so cute and I liked that Tulip got to be with her family in the end.

I would go and watch this film if you like a light-hearted film with a bit of a funny story, or wait and buy it on DVD.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Year 4 Homework

We all get homework, yep that little bit of joy when we get home from school, no it's not joy really. I don't mind doing it as it doesn't really take too long. We still get spellings on Monday to do for the following Monday, and get Maths and English work on a Friday to hand in on Wednesdays. They say we have to do reading every day at home but I don't, maybe every other day.

This is the sheet we have to pick from, we only have to do one of these a week and they go from easy to hard. I have only done the easy ones at the moment I think I am going to do a harder one this week as I have more time this weekend. 

In Maths we just get a sheet each week and have to fill it out. Maths only takes me about 10 mins so I normally do that when I get home from school, just to get it done and out the way.

That's all I have to really say about my homework. Hope you enjoyed it.

Mummy and Daughter Day 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


When we were away for a few days we went to see the film Trolls at the local movies and what a great film it was. I didn't really know what to expect before I saw it other than lots of little Trolls running around. The motto for Trolls is Sing, Dance & Hug and that's mainly what they did throughout the film.

The story is based around Princess Poppy. When the Trolls' old enemy the Bergens find Troll village Poppy goes on an adventure with her friend Branch to find their friends that got taken by Chef Bergen.
Chef Bergen takes them because when the Bergens eat a Troll they are happy and it only happens once a year. On their adventure Princess Poppy nearly gets eaten by spiders, plants and other things. She only manages to carry on by singing herself happy songs, then Branch comes and helps her from the spider.

Branch isn't a happy Troll, he doesn't sing and dance like the rest of them because when he was younger his nan got eaten by a Bergen because he was singing and his nan was trying to save him. When this happened he turned into a grey Troll. But by the end with the help of Poppy he returns to being a happy singing and dancing Troll and falls in love with Princess Poppy.

Once Poppy and Branch helped their friends they help Bridget who is a Bergen but who loves singing and dancing and also loves King Gristle. They help her and King Gristle fall in love and show them that they don't need to eat Trolls to feel happy anymore. And the film ends with of course a song and lots of hugs.

I love this film and would love it for Christmas with maybe a Poppy Troll.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Next Step

Last Sunday I was lucky girl, I got to go and see The Next Step live at Hammersmith Apollo. Yes I got to watch them dance, I got to see Michelle, James, Giselle, Eldon, Noah and Richelle. 
My favourite was Noah, he can really dance. He can do some great Ballet, which I love to watch and do lots of spins in a row. They are all of course great at dancing, if they were bad they wouldn't be in The Next step. They also had someone from Lost and Found and they sang a song which was pretty great and I wasn't expecting it. They also did a few duos and Richelle & Noah were best out of all the them. I don't really know what to say other than it was fantastic and you all need to go and see it. You will not be disappointed. I would like to thank my Nanny for taking me and I can't wait to see if they do it again next year as I would love to go again and see them.

My Halloween fun Video 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I am now a Tween

Well that's what my mummy said that I am now. She says it's an age when you're not a child any more but you're not yet a teenager, hence the name tween. I still like my kids TV shows but they are slightly older now like So Awkward & The Next Step on CBBC, and Liv and Maddie on The Disney Channel.

I have also started to like a little bit of make up even though my mum doesn't let me wear it out, only when I'm at home. That's why I mostly wear make up when I have my dance competitions. At the moment I'm very much into my clothes and I love doing YouTube videos about them. I am also starting to be a bit more independent and I'm liking that but I still have my mum and dad nearby just in case I need them to help me with stuff.

Here is a little video of  Yoga for Tweens

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sorting it out

At the moment I feel like I am doing so much and I think I am getting a little worked up with how much I have going on. So I have sat down with my mummy and have worked it all out, but first I thought I would let you know what I have been doing and what I will be giving up.

On Monday after school I do sewing club until 4pm, which I like doing with my Friend Faye. Tuesday I go to Acro for an hour 5pm - 6pm. Wednsday I have choir with my school until 4pm and then off to dancing lesson from 5.30pm until 7pm. Thursday Drama 5pm - 7pm. Friday is an evening off to chill then Saturday and Sunday are free, but at the moment I have dancing competitions.

I am giving up two things, I am not going to be doing any more competitions as I don't really like them. All the people looking at you and talking about you, it's not nice at all. I will still be doing my duo ballet but that's it now. I know that some of you people are going to be like you do YouTube though, but on that I can't see everyone watching it and I can do things that I want to do, and not what other people want me to do. And the other thing is Drama, I love the singing bit of it but the acting bit is not for me I don't find that fun really, I find it kind of boring. So if I give them up I get my weekends back and more time at home on Thursdays that I would love.

I will let you know how it goes and if it makes me feel a little bit better.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My time at Center Parcs

The week before we went back to school we went on a little weekend away to Center Parcs. We do this every year. I went with my mum and dad, my auntie, cousins and of course my nanny. I went in the car with my nanny and cousins as mum and dad had to work that day. They joined us down there in the early evening. When they did we were at the disco and they brought pizza with them. That was yummy, so yummy.

The next day we had some things planned but the main thing I wanted to do was go swimming as I love swimming. We also did short tennis, which I am not very good at, but I gave it a good try even if I did hit the ball in the other courts, but it was very fun. We went swimming after that and I loved it, I loved going around the lazy river and trying out the wave machine. I can now stand in the lazy river which helped me out a lot as I am not that confident in the pool but I did it a give it a good try.
That night we went out for dinner in Hucks for my Auntie's birthday and the food there is so good. My cousins and I had the buffet where we can have hotdogs, Chicken Nuggets, chips, some bits of fruit and some other things. They also have a play area where we can go and play while we are waiting for dinner. My mum's food looks great, she had a hotdog with nachos on and I think she loved it.
After dinner we went to the disco and that was the best bit. I loved it and also made some friends that night. That was pretty cool as I think it's the first time I have done that at Center Parcs. 

The last day we had a little surprise for my Auntie, we had a few people come along and that was my mum's sister, my mum's mummy and my cousin. We had bowling booked for that morning with them and I had to leave a little early as I had Segway booked... it was so much fun, oh my I really want to do it again. We also had swimming after that and that night my dad cooked us a meal to eat in the villa, it was very nice. Everyone went home that night as they all had things to do the next day (Monday). So did we as I had school but we were cheeky and stayed the night, just the three of us and left really early in the morning at 5.30am. We made it to school in time as well.

I loved this little holiday.

Here is my little video about my top Five outfits over the Summer 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Top Five Films

I am not too sure if I have done a blog post like this but I have grown up a little bit and my taste has changed in food, films and fashion. This blog post is all about my top five films so I am going to start from five to one. Most of them are (as my mum calls them) tween movies. They used to be my mum's or my cousin's videos, so they are kind of old films.

5) Shrek the Third
This is another funny Shrek film, when Princess Fiona's daddy passes away they go and find the rightful heir to the throne and it's Arthur and Fiona. They find out she is expecting a baby or maybe two or three of them. Shrek does not think he is ready for it yet, but of course he is and the babies are so cute.

4) Shrek 2 
I love all the Shrek films but this I think is the best one. It's where Fiona has to go back home and Shrek has to meet her mum and dad and of course Donkey comes along for the ride. There is also lots of singing in this film and also a Fairy Godmother who is not nice. She tried to break up Shrek and Fiona but it didn't work and they are still together. Woohoo.

3) The Princess Diaries
Mummy said that she loved this film when she was younger and I think she still does really. Mum said that Julie Andrews is a very well know actor and has been in lots of things. I think she is going to find a few things with her in for me to watch more of her. But back to the film it's about a girl called Mia who is a little bit of a shy girl, but then finds out she is Princess of Genovia. She has a makeover and learns how to be a princess, who wouldn't want that.

2) High School Musical
I love this, it's full of singing and dancing and I love that. It's a little bit of a crazy film, they don't really stop it's just song after song and dance after dance. It's great to get you in a better mood and Vanessa Hudgens is in it and I think she is a great actress.

1) Herbie Fully Loaded
Who wouldn't want a talking car, so this film is great. It's all about a little Bug car with a mind of his own. Maggie finds him in a junkyard and restores him so they go into races together and of course she wins all of them. One of the best bits is that Herbie gets a girlfriend at the end and they go on a date, it's so funny and cute at the same time.

I hope you liked my top five films and hope you come back next week.

Mrs P

Here is a little vlog about what I got for my birthday

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

1) No more School
 I have finished school. On the 19th July it was my last day in year three, I was a little bit upset but also very grateful that I had a good year and worked hard. My reading has gone up a level and my maths is a lot better.

2) Pool Fun
We got invited to go to mummy's friend's house and they have a pool, so we I spent most of the afternoon in the pool with my friends.

3) Playdoh Fun
I asked for Playdoh for my birthday and I got some. I love playing with it, so thank you everyone who got me some. I love the Princess Set I got.

4)  Fun with My Cousins
My cousins came down to our house (14/8/16) and we went to a little free farm to see some little sheep and then got to play some football and play on the trampoline with them in my garden.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Birthday Gifts

I turned 8 on the 3rd August so in this blog post I thought I would show you what I got for my birthday. The only thing I asked for was some Playdoh.

My Mum and Dad got me an Electricity & Magnetism set, a Grow Your Own Butterfly set (then you let them go), some money (as we were going shopping the next day) and a lovely Lego set.

My aunties got me some lovely clothing, a Tsum Tsum Puzzle that I will be doing with my mum and some Playdoh.

My nanny got me tickets to see The Next Step Live. I can't believe she got me tickets to see them, I love the show and love watching them dance, I just wish I could dance like them. My Auntie Kelly gave me some money to spend at the show and now I just have to wait until October to see them.

I also got some money off other people and lots of lovely Cards. I wish I had a birthday everyday but mummy said that would get boring to get Gifts everyday.

What I got for my birthday

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I Am Now 8

I am now 8 years old. I love being a year older, I don't know why but I just feel like I can do things that I couldn't do before. I didn't get up to much this birthday as I have had a lovely party every year since I was born. So this year we just had some fun at home and it was lovely, I also got some lovely birthday gifts but that will be in a different blog post.

On my birthday we went to see Finding Dory with mum and dad and also my nanny came along too, so everyone who was with me when I was born other than the midwife etc. The film is great and I really liked it. We also went to one of my favourite places to eat and that is Toby Carvery, for lunch after the film.

I had a lovely day with my family and love spending time with them.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Annie at The Queen's Theatre

The other day I went to see the show Annie at The Queen's Theatre as my daddy was playing in the band. I went on the last night of the show with my mummy.
I love the film Annie and I love all the songs as I normally sing them in my Drama group. We had some good seats too, they were near the back back but right in the centre.
I know one of the girls in the show as she goes to my school, her name is Elizabeth and she played one of the orphans. There were about 12 orphans and all of them were very good even if one of them made a little mistake, but if it was me I would have made lots of mistakes. The best thing of all was that there was a real dog on stage! How cute is that.

The girl that played Annie is called Sarah Huttlestone, she is a Professional Actress and played a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz at the age of 5, how amazing is that. She also played Gretal in The Sound of Music, I would love to do that but I don't think I am brave enough for that just yet.

I can't wait to go and see another show soon that my daddy is playing in but it has to be fun and OK for me to see.

Which shows would you like to see at the theatre?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My Summer Reading

Over the Summer I will be trying to keep up with my reading so mummy and I are going to do a small summer reading challenge. We will be reading five books each. My mummy's books will be on her blog.

So here are my five books.

1, 2 & 3 
They are books from the Rainbow Magic collection of books. The first one I will be reading (well I have started reading) is called Danielle the Daisy Fairy from the Petal Fairies. So far it's a great book. It's about Rachel and Kirsty who go on holiday but they are also on a special mission to help the Petal Fairies.

The next one is Penny the Pony Fairy from the pet keeper Fairies. This time Rachel and Kirsty have to help Penny find her lost Pony.
The next book is another one from the Pet keeper Fairies but this time it's Harriet the Hamster Fairy. Jack Frost's nasty Goblins are determined to steal Harriet the Hamster fairy's magical pet.

4 The Tiara club Princess Emily and the beautiful fairy. Mummy bought this for 50p at the library as I think it's an old book so they were selling some. This one is about Princess Emily who is delighted when a beautiful young trainee fairy godmother arrives at the Princess academy.

5 My Secret Unicorn Friends Forever, this is all about Lauren who can't wait to go to pony camp with her best friend Mel. It's going to be so much fun sharing cabin riding ponies and having picnics but when she gets there everything goes wrong.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My New Tsum Tsums

I thought I would tell you all about my top five New Tsum Tsums

1)  Nemo
I think Nemo is great because they have given him a little Fin. He has his normal Fin then the tiny one on the other side. I know it's like that in the film but they have done so well.

2) Tinkerbell
She is my favourite Disney Fairy and I have met her, she was so nice to me and I love her outfit. She has really bright blue eyes that stand out too.

3) Fairy Godmother
Who wouldn't love a fairy godmother by their side. Well I would and I would love it if she could make a few wishes for me too (like being at Disneyworld everyday).

4) Joy
I still haven't seen this film but I love that Joy looks so happy all the time and her bright blue hair is so fun (I must see this film soon).

5) Ariel
My mummy loves this film so I have seen it a few times and now I love Ariel. I love it when she sings her songs and has lots of fun in the sea. I like the way the Tsum Tsum does not have any feet has her fin instead, it's so sweet.

My New Tsum Tsums

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Love of Fancy Dress

I love fancy dress, why wouldn't you love fancy dress.
I have so many different types, mainly Disney ones, but I also have a few others that I buy for events at school.

My favourite non-Disney one has to be my Egyptian outfit. It is a little bit too big as it's the only size they had and I had to wear it the next day for school. My Mum made it work for me though like she always does.

I also have a maids one but I think I used that one for dancing at some point, I am not 100% sure though. 

I have a wish list of fancy Dress outfits that I would like, so I will give you my top five that I would like to buy.

Who wouldn't love to be super girl running around the house with the cape flowing behind you, and I don't have any super hero fancy dress outfits. 

 I am reading this book at the moment and I love the character of Matilda, she is so brave and she also has magic so that's pretty cool. This dress would be good for a book day at school as well.
I love the colour of this outfit, it's a nice light bright blue and looks very posh. This outfit would be great to take some nice photos in and would be very different to everyone else.

I like this one because it so bright in colour and it would be a good one if you have a friend that would dress up as a wolf so you can be a pair and walking into school like that would be great for book day.

This a different one from all the other ones as it does not have much colour on it and it's a bit of a tom boy one, and as you know I am very girly. It's brown and black in colour and you get a sword with it, this would be a great one to go to a boy's party in.

Let me know what fancy dress you like.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Top Five Animals

So I am here with my Top Five Animals

1) Zebra
My favourite one is Zebra. They are just so sweet, I am not sure why I like them so much but I love their colour and they are very beautiful animals and seem so elegant.

2) Elephant
They are very precious creatures and we need to look after them. I call them the gentle giants of the Animal world due to them being so big. They don't like to hurt anyone, only if their family get hurt.

3) Penguin
The way they walk makes me laugh so much and they all walk in line, they just look like little cuddly toys.

4) Giraffe
They are so tall and get to eat all the nice leaves on the top of the tree. They have really long legs that look like they will fall down but they never do.

5) Monkey
They look like they are having fun all the time and when they are not they are just chilling out having a sleep or eating food. That would be a good life to have.

Please check out my YouTube, it would be great! 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Daddy's Day

I love my daddy lots, he helps me out with so many things. He teaches me how to cook as he is great at cooking carbonara and homemade pizza. He teaches me how to sing and I will be doing my singing test soon. And he make me laugh. And does make the best indoor tent in the world.

He also works very hard for me and sometimes does not get home until very late when I am already in bed fast asleep.

It was Father's Day a few days ago (I call it Daddy's Day) and we made him breakfast in bed, a cup of tea and gave him his card and a little gift. The gift was a film that he wanted called Spooks as he is watching the TV show of it at the moment. He loved it.

Also mummy made a nice Roast dinner for us, she's not the best at cooking but she did a great job and I ate it all up. That day daddy had a gig to go to so that afternoon he was out so it was just a mummy and summer afternoon.
I missed daddy lots that afternoon but I can have more fun with him at the weekend and maybe a bit tonight that if he's not home too late.

Please check out my YouTube, I am trying to get to 300 by my birthday in August.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Love of Dresses

I love clothing and I especially love dresses, I would wear dresses all the time if I could. So I thought I would show my two favourite ones.

First up is my most favourite one of all and the newest one of all. It's from the Sainsbury's TU range and even though I am only 7 year's old Mummy picked up size 9 as I am tall for my age.
It's a bright Pink dress with lots of flowers and some birds over it and has a lovely gold glitter belt that sits on my waist and bring it in. It is a little bit too big for me around the tummy bit.
The length of it comes just up to my knees.

This dress is great for a friend's party or even a BBQ. I wore it last week to my cousin's garden party.

Dress Number two is this baby yellow dress from Next. I got it last year as my favourite colour is yellow and I love this style of dress, it's like a shirt at the top of the dress and when you spin the bottom of the skirt it comes out like a princess dress. I think this will be the last summer I wear this one as it is getting a little bit tight for me.

I will be posting more photos of my clothing up as I love clothes so much and if you want to check out my Instagam there will be lots of photos on there of my dress and outfits.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Happy Birthday Izzy

Happy Birthday to my cousin Izzy.

My cousin Izzy (the birthday girl)

It was my cousin's birthday and she had a little party at my Nanny's house with the family and two of her friends. We were only there for 4 hours but it was a fun 4 hours, she had lots of food and a bouncy castle and best of all, all my cousins were there so I played with them.

I only saw them three days earlier as my mum had to go and look after them while my aunt was at work.

As soon as we got there I took my shoes off and went on the bouncy castle. All of my cousins followed me. I love them all lots but sometimes they are hard work and I just want to be on my own a little bit. 

My other cousins (Joshua & Zach)

My nanny also has a trampoline with the bright colour balls in the photo above on it and that's fun jumping around it with them on it. It was a really hot day so I changed out of my party dress and into shorts and a t-shirt... it was so much cooler in that.


Now onto the food. It was BBQ and I wasn't really into the BBQ food as we only had one the day before so I had all the other bits they had like Chicken Nuggets and other small bits like that. But best of all was the cake. Izzy had one made by her Mummy and it was a ladybird. She also had these cupcakes made by someone and they are Ben & Holly ones. They are so cute and are really yummy as well.

I am super tired now and I have to go back to school tomorrow.

Make sure you come back next week to see what I have to say (HEHE).

Here are my May Favourites if you fancy checking it out.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Other characters I met

I showed you a few weeks ago all of the Princesses that I met, now it's time to show you all the other  characters I met too.

 1)  Tinkerbell. I love Tinkerbell, she is my favourite one out of all the Disney characters. She seems fun and she can fly. I love her green dress and her cute shoes and the place we saw her had great big flowers, it made me feel really small just like a Fairy.

2) Flick the Ant from Bugs Life. He only had a few people waiting to see him so we jumped in the line to see him. He was so nice and we got lots of photos taken with him. Daddy liked seeing him the most I think.

3) Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As we were in Disney World we had to meet these two as they are the main characters to meet in the park. We saw them at Animal Kingdom and Mummy booked a fast pass for me. I loved seeing them here as they were in different outfits to what they are normally in and Minnie looked really cute in her one.

4) Joy and Sadness from Inside Out. I loved seeing these two as I had only watched the film a few weeks before we went to Disney. The line to meet these two was very long though. We even got a group hug with them and my Mummy and Daddy.

5) Goofy and Pluto. We met both of them at the same time and they are really funny together. I am not too sure what's going on with Goofy's outfit but it's a lot of fun. 

6) Mary Poppins. As she is from UK we had to go and see her and talk to her. We told her what the weather had been like back in the UK and she said that she will have to go back to the UK soon. 

7) Tarzan. I never thought I would meet him on my trip but we saw a tiny line and asked what was it for and they told us so we thought why not and waited as we were right near the front. He didn't say much.

Out of all these characters I think Tinkerbell has to be the best one I met, as I just love her.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Princesses I Met

While I was at Disney I met so many princesses including my favourite one. But let's start from the beginning in order of the princesses I saw.

The first one I saw was Cinderella, I met her twice, once in the Princess Pavilion, another time when I had breakfast at Cinderella's Castle. She welcomed us and then we had a photo taken.
Next up is Rapunzel, I met her at the same time as I met Cinderella, I love Rapunzel she is mummy's favourite one. And I love her dress, it is very pretty and it looks like she can do lots of fun things in it. On this day is the first princess I met, it was when we stayed late in the park and we saw that Elsa and Anna had no queue to meet them even though I was very tired mummy thought it was a good idea as the queue is normally 2 hours and it was only going to take five minutes. So we got in the queue and I met them. I was super nervous to meet them though but extremely happy that I did. Straight after Anna I met Elsa. If you're going to meet Anna then you must meet Elsa! She is not my favourite one out of them so I wasn't as excited to see Elsa as I was Anna but she looks pretty cool in her dress. And I know, Elsa is not a princess she is a queen.

Now I met a bunch of princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table, obviously the first Princess I met was Cinderella at the door, but after that I met Snow White. Snow White is Daddy's favourite and I've got a lovely photo with her there and she seems very nice. After that it was Princess Aurora, Princess Jasmine and then Ariel. She didn't have her tail on and she was walking around in her pretty dress with her legs out. I think she was my favourite one out of them was though as I love the film The Little Mermaid.
After that I met Ariel again but this time she had her tail on. It was another time where it was late and the queue was only a few minutes long. I really wanted to meet her while she had her tail on.

The next two princesses I met when I went to Epcot for the day, and this princess I was super excited about. She is not my favourite one but we have been doing a school play about her just before we left and it's Mulan. I even told her about my school play and she seemed pretty excited about it as well. She is so pretty and I got the best hug.
The last princess I saw was Belle. Belle is my favourite princess, I met her when she was in her blue dress and got the photo of her and a signature then. I met her by the lake in Epcot and it was lovely. She's my favourite one and I'll so glad that I've got to meet her in person.
Those were all the princesses that I got to meet. I saw all the ones that I wanted to. It would've been nice to see Princess Tiana as I really like that film. Maybe when I next go :-)

Monday, 16 May 2016


 Yes, we went to Disney World, to the most magical place and it was a surprise so I didn't get told until the morning of us going from the Hilton Hotel. It turns out that I don't like being surprised much but I was very grateful for it and had the best time with my family.

Most of all I loved being with family and having lots of fun with them. The best park out of all the Disney Parks has to be Magic Kingdom, the rides are so fun especially Enchanted Tales with Belle. I got to play the character Chip and I had to say Hello to Belle. It was fun and I loved it and all the rides are really good. I didn't like Hollywood Studios that much as the rides there made me a little bit scared. Epcot was fun, I met so many people like Joy and Sadness from Inside Out and they had a ride called Test Track, which was really fast but I enjoyed once it was all over. Animal Kingdom was great too, I loved seeing all the animals and going on the safari, we went on that two times and we saw something different each time. On the second time round we had a giraffe come up right to the truck and I even got some of its lick on me!

We also went swimming in our hotel pool, it was a great big pool with a slide in and we spend two late afternoons in the pool eating pizza and having a little glass of juice while Mummy had a cocktail and Daddy had a beer.

I would really like to go back to Disney World at some point as I really liked it.

Here is a little video of part two of Disney

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

April Look Over

April has been great! The first week I got to see my family that live in Canada and spend a week with then, then Mummy and Daddy gave me a surprise trip to Disney World, the one in Orlando, the big one. There I met Elsa & Anna and my favourite, Tinkerbell. We also went on some great rides and saw some great shows like Bella and her Enchanted Tales. And we had breakfast with the princesses in Cinderella's Castle... I can't believe I did that, in her actual castle.

I have also been on four planes, one of them was actually in March but the other three were in April and before that I had never been on a plane. So I think I have been pretty good and enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy going down though as my ears popped and hurt a bit.

I have been back at school for three weeks now and it's OK. It's school, so not much to really say about that other then I get homework & spellings. Oh, one thing that happened at school is that I got back into choir club so I am happy about that.

That's what happened in April, let's see what happens in May.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cousins' Birthday

So it was my cousins' birthday party the other day. They had a little party at his house and it was very fun!!!

It is my cousin Joshua's 6th birthday and Zach's 2nd birthday and the party was only for the family. When we got there we had to wait until everyone else got there but it didn't take long because five minutes afterwards and their uncle from their dad's side turned up.

And not long after that Tanya and her family turned up and we all went outside and had some fun in the garden. My other cousin turned up with Auntie Jayne, Uncle Mark and Grandad.

Auntie Kelly put on an Easter Egg hunt for us. We had to share them with each other once we got back in the front room so it was fair and equal.

Then we had lots of fun in the garden until it was time to eat and open their presents. I had a great day with both of my cousins and will be seeing them again next weekend.

Here is a little vlog About my Trip to Canada 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

March 2016

So what has happened in March, well two main things... First, that I went to the Royal Albert Hall with my school choir and I absolutely loved it. It was a very long day but it was worth it, it was great. My mum and dad came to watch me as well as my Nanny and I sang my little heart out. It was pretty cool as well because my dad is a musician and he knew quite a few of the people on stage so that means that I knew some of the people on stage too.

So the other exciting thing that happened in March and one of the reasons why this blog post is so late is that I went on a two week holiday. We went on the 27th March to Heathrow Airport and jumped on a plane to Canada for a week and then once April came we went to Disneyworld. But that's for my April lookover. We went to Canada to see our family and I really liked seeing my cousin Benny as the last time I saw him he was a baby.

Dancing is still going well and I'm getting ready for our dance show. I have been having singing lessons with my daddy and am hoping to do my prep-test later on in the year.

Not much else has happened this month but in April so far a lot more has happened so can't wait to tell you more about that in the next one.