Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Princesses I Met

While I was at Disney I met so many princesses including my favourite one. But let's start from the beginning in order of the princesses I saw.

The first one I saw was Cinderella, I met her twice, once in the Princess Pavilion, another time when I had breakfast at Cinderella's Castle. She welcomed us and then we had a photo taken.
Next up is Rapunzel, I met her at the same time as I met Cinderella, I love Rapunzel she is mummy's favourite one. And I love her dress, it is very pretty and it looks like she can do lots of fun things in it. On this day is the first princess I met, it was when we stayed late in the park and we saw that Elsa and Anna had no queue to meet them even though I was very tired mummy thought it was a good idea as the queue is normally 2 hours and it was only going to take five minutes. So we got in the queue and I met them. I was super nervous to meet them though but extremely happy that I did. Straight after Anna I met Elsa. If you're going to meet Anna then you must meet Elsa! She is not my favourite one out of them so I wasn't as excited to see Elsa as I was Anna but she looks pretty cool in her dress. And I know, Elsa is not a princess she is a queen.

Now I met a bunch of princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table, obviously the first Princess I met was Cinderella at the door, but after that I met Snow White. Snow White is Daddy's favourite and I've got a lovely photo with her there and she seems very nice. After that it was Princess Aurora, Princess Jasmine and then Ariel. She didn't have her tail on and she was walking around in her pretty dress with her legs out. I think she was my favourite one out of them was though as I love the film The Little Mermaid.
After that I met Ariel again but this time she had her tail on. It was another time where it was late and the queue was only a few minutes long. I really wanted to meet her while she had her tail on.

The next two princesses I met when I went to Epcot for the day, and this princess I was super excited about. She is not my favourite one but we have been doing a school play about her just before we left and it's Mulan. I even told her about my school play and she seemed pretty excited about it as well. She is so pretty and I got the best hug.
The last princess I saw was Belle. Belle is my favourite princess, I met her when she was in her blue dress and got the photo of her and a signature then. I met her by the lake in Epcot and it was lovely. She's my favourite one and I'll so glad that I've got to meet her in person.
Those were all the princesses that I got to meet. I saw all the ones that I wanted to. It would've been nice to see Princess Tiana as I really like that film. Maybe when I next go :-)

Monday, 16 May 2016


 Yes, we went to Disney World, to the most magical place and it was a surprise so I didn't get told until the morning of us going from the Hilton Hotel. It turns out that I don't like being surprised much but I was very grateful for it and had the best time with my family.

Most of all I loved being with family and having lots of fun with them. The best park out of all the Disney Parks has to be Magic Kingdom, the rides are so fun especially Enchanted Tales with Belle. I got to play the character Chip and I had to say Hello to Belle. It was fun and I loved it and all the rides are really good. I didn't like Hollywood Studios that much as the rides there made me a little bit scared. Epcot was fun, I met so many people like Joy and Sadness from Inside Out and they had a ride called Test Track, which was really fast but I enjoyed once it was all over. Animal Kingdom was great too, I loved seeing all the animals and going on the safari, we went on that two times and we saw something different each time. On the second time round we had a giraffe come up right to the truck and I even got some of its lick on me!

We also went swimming in our hotel pool, it was a great big pool with a slide in and we spend two late afternoons in the pool eating pizza and having a little glass of juice while Mummy had a cocktail and Daddy had a beer.

I would really like to go back to Disney World at some point as I really liked it.

Here is a little video of part two of Disney

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

April Look Over

April has been great! The first week I got to see my family that live in Canada and spend a week with then, then Mummy and Daddy gave me a surprise trip to Disney World, the one in Orlando, the big one. There I met Elsa & Anna and my favourite, Tinkerbell. We also went on some great rides and saw some great shows like Bella and her Enchanted Tales. And we had breakfast with the princesses in Cinderella's Castle... I can't believe I did that, in her actual castle.

I have also been on four planes, one of them was actually in March but the other three were in April and before that I had never been on a plane. So I think I have been pretty good and enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy going down though as my ears popped and hurt a bit.

I have been back at school for three weeks now and it's OK. It's school, so not much to really say about that other then I get homework & spellings. Oh, one thing that happened at school is that I got back into choir club so I am happy about that.

That's what happened in April, let's see what happens in May.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cousins' Birthday

So it was my cousins' birthday party the other day. They had a little party at his house and it was very fun!!!

It is my cousin Joshua's 6th birthday and Zach's 2nd birthday and the party was only for the family. When we got there we had to wait until everyone else got there but it didn't take long because five minutes afterwards and their uncle from their dad's side turned up.

And not long after that Tanya and her family turned up and we all went outside and had some fun in the garden. My other cousin turned up with Auntie Jayne, Uncle Mark and Grandad.

Auntie Kelly put on an Easter Egg hunt for us. We had to share them with each other once we got back in the front room so it was fair and equal.

Then we had lots of fun in the garden until it was time to eat and open their presents. I had a great day with both of my cousins and will be seeing them again next weekend.

Here is a little vlog About my Trip to Canada