Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Disney Bound - Snow White

So I have watched a few videos on YouTube and found out that some people do something called Disney Bound. They dress up in normal clothes but pick up little bit of that character - colours, dress or in Snow White's case for me it's the colour of the skirt and my jacket with the birds on. She likes singing with the birds and is very good with animals. I also found my very glittery red headband that works very well and looks a bit like the one Snow White wears in the pictures of her.

I find this really fun and can't wait to do more but I need to look in my wardrobe first to see what I have.

Here is a little YouYube video of my Disney Bound experience

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Things I do when I am bored

Hello, I did a little YouTube video the other day on what I do when I get bored, so I thought I would tell you what I do. 

1) If you have old boxes around the house you can do anything with them. We had two big boxes where mummy and daddy bought the suitcases so they are big ones. I used one box to make a house for my dolls and another one just to colour in, but you can do anything with a box.

2) Make a den under the stairs. I love this one, I only get to do this if I have been a good girl and the other day I was. All you have to do is get pillows, teddy bears and what you want to read or play with and have fun in your den. If you're lucky you might be able to sleep in it for the night.

3) If you have a Hudl or an iPad take it into your room and chill out watching a film or a TV show that you love.

4) Go and grab a puzzle or a little game. With a puzzle if it's a hard one it will take up your time more and the day will go pass very fast.

5) Dance around the house. It can make you giggle and keep fit all at the same time.

Here is the little video I did about when I get bored

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Barbie - Princess Power

I got this DVD for Christmas from Father Christmas and I have just got round to watching it.
After school one day Mummy and I got in our PJs, got ourselves a hot coco with marshmallows, sat on the sofa and had cuddles watching this film.

The Barbie film is about princess Kara who can't do much as her mum and dad don't like her doing much as she is a princess. One day after being kissed by a Magical Butterfly she has super powers letting her transform into a super sparkle, a crime-frighting alter ego, to save her kingdom. But her jealous cousin catches the butterfly and transforms to dark sparkle, her nemesis. They have to work together to free the kingdom from their real enemy and soar to new heights and discover that there's no greater power then friendship.

I love this film and her outfit is so cute, I would love to be able to fly around where I live and see what's going on. Stopping crime would be so cool and I could fly to school that would be so cool too. I bet my friends would love to see me with superpowers!

Barbie review over on my YouTube channel

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


January has been fun. At the beginning of January we went on a little adventure into London where we saw the Nutcracker on Ice then stayed at a lovely hotel overlooking Canary Wharf. Also mummy and daddy bought me a lovely pair of high top trainers from Cath Kidston, they are really cute. Mummy and I had a few picnics in the front room and made lots of jelly.

I started back at school after Christmas to see all my friends. I am still doing well at school although I haven't moved in any groups and am still at the same level at reading. I still really enjoy my maths group but am not too keen on English and PE (as I don't like my PE teacher). They are always talking about healthy eating at the moment at it's getting a little boring talking about it all time.

I have stopped doing horse riding for a bit as I am not sure it's really want I want. I love horses and I love the idea of it but it's a little scary when they are going so fast. So mummy said why not have a break for a bit and see how I feel in August.

I had some time at my Nanny's house, once with my cousins Joshua and Zach and the other time just with Nanny. That was fun and I really enjoyed it.

That's all what really happened in January, let's see what happened in February.