Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spring Wish List

Spring is here and I saw Mummy doing this blog post on her blog. Mine is not going to be like Mummy's as she put some clothes and a bag, mine is all about the toys and a really pretty dress.

First I will start with the clothes I have seen, they are both from Next. The cute Minion jumper is in pink and he's taking a selfie, it's so funny. Mummy said I should put the price of them all so the price is £14.00 in my size. The dress has yellow in it and I love a bit of yellow and this style of dress. I think Mummy said it was a Prom style, not sure what that means, it's just a cute dress to me and
is £22.00 in my size.

Ok these two are from the Disney store. First up is this cute Cinderella Tiara, I think it's about £10.00, and I saw this dress to go with it. It's £150 but what a cute Cinderella Dress it is. I know that I won't get it as it's a lot of money but a girl can dream can't she.

We all know that I love Lego so I  looked at the Lego shop and saw this cute one, it's Ariel's Undersea Palace and is £49,99. I think I will ask Mummy and Daddy for this for my birthday. Also Lego have an new range out, it's called Elves and this is the treetop hideaway at £39.99. It's so cute that they have a new range out.

Hope you enjoyed my Spring Wish List. Let me know what's on yours x

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  1. I love that minions top, its a pretty colour. Lego is a great toy isn't it? My son still loves it and he's 18!

  2. I love that dress, I know it's for children but as you said, if it was in my size I'd have it too! x

  3. this is a very cute selfie top, im not into selfies but would mind to have one like this)