Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Annabell's Adventure

Well I left my favourite doll at my nanny's house the other day when I stayed the night, and I always have her. So my nanny's being sending my mum text messages and photos of her. Here is what she's been doing at my nanny's house.

When Nanny found Annabell she sent me the photo saying that she will look after her for me

Nanny put Annabell to bed saying she was very good going to bed. As she misses me, nanny gave her Dumbo to keep her company.

In the morning nanny gave her breakfast in bed with a cup of tea

Nanny let her play with toys while she had gone to work

Annabell having her dinner

It was Annabell's bedtime so nanny tucked her up in bed for a good night's sleep

The next morning Granddad brought her back round to me before I went to school. I am so glad to see her again as I missed her so much. Thank you Nanny and Grandad for looking after her for me.

Here is a little video of my Tsum Tsum collection if you fancy a look x