Monday, 31 August 2015

September Goals

August Goals 

1) Get 220 on my YouTube
2) Have a great holiday with my Mummy & Daddy 
3) Hope I get my Hudl for my birthday (on the 3rd August) 
4) Film four videos for All About the Kids YouTube channel 

September Goals 

1)  Get 230 on YouTube
2) Have a great first few weeks back at school
3) Film four videos for All About the Kids YouTube channe
4) Do more cooking with Mummy

It has been lots of fun over the holiday but I am ready to go back to school and see all my friends.

Here is a little video of me making a caking, I hope you enjoy it x

Sunday, 30 August 2015

What I got for my birthday

Hi guys I am back and thought I would show you and tell you what I got for my birthday.

Well first up I got a Hudl, it's a Tesco version of an iPad and I love it. My mum has put a few apps on there for me and I also have CBBC on there that I love watching. My favourite show is the Next Step, it's all about dancing.

I also got a big Lego set and it only took me a day to make it, I'm getting so good at that now.  It was the Lego Friends Beach House. It's great, it's got a person windsurfing on it and some stairs as it's a two level house. I found it easy to make and it's 6 -12 years but I do love Lego and play with Lego most days.

And my other big present I actually got a bit early because they wanted me to use it for most of the summer, it was my bike. I've done a blog post on this and I'll leave the link here for you to see. Her name is Oceana and I love riding her. I just love the colour of her and she's got a basket on the front of it that I put all my things in.

Also got some other bits like a Lush bath bomb and some money from my friends. I am so grateful for everything that I got so thank you to everyone who got something for me, I love them all.

Here is a little back to school video for you all x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Birthday Party

 Hello everyone, it's been my birthday so of course I had a birthday party. I only had a few friends over I think about 8 and I had my family over too. I always have a BBQ if it's nice weather. This is the first year where I haven't had a bouncy castle. Mummy and Daddy said that we can do different type of games, the games they used to do when they had parties when they were little.

So we had pass the parcel, sack race, photo booth and twister. They are all so fun I really liked the Sack race. I didn't win but I didn't mind.

I had so much fun so thank you to all my friends that came and my family.
Here are some photos of the party.

 The sack race. Here are some of friends.

Here is me and my friend Keili.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Horse Riding Lesson Update

I am going to talk to you about my horse riding lesson update. I am in level two horseriding so I go round without a person holding onto my horse. Sometimes someone does as I'm not as confident as the other girls but I don't mind. I've been very lucky because I got an hour's private lesson for a different school and it was brilliant. I worked really hard that day and I've got a lot more confident on the horse and it was a really big one too. I think his name was Danny and he was white.

At my other horse riding lesson that I do for an hour there are about eight of us but I ride a pony as I just feel a bit more confident on them, but now I'm thinking big horses are quite nice as well although I have further to fall if I fall off. I don't plan to though! I normally have a pony called Honey or Poppy, they are really lovely ponies and can sometimes be a bit cheeky.

I can walk and trot with my horse now. It feels a little scary going round trotting but I'm getting more confident every time I do it.

Next month I won't be having horseriding lessons as we just can't fit it in, I have parties to go to and going on holiday during one of the weeks so it just doesn't fit in. Mummy said that maybe having this month off I should really think about whether I want to carry on doing it with everything else I do. She said she hasn't got all the money in the world so can't just go to the bank and get more. Not sure why though.

In a few months' time I will update you more if I'm going to carry on doing Horse riding lessons. I am really in two minds at the moment, I do really enjoy it but I really enjoy doing my dancing as well.

Here is a little YouTube video that I have done

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August Goals

 July Goals 

1) Get 210 on my YouTube
2) Do the 30 day journey to the splits with mummy (Failed) 
3) Still be good for my Hudl
4) Plan more of my birthday party 

August Goals 

1) Get 220 on my YouTube
2) Have a great holiday with my Mummy & Daddy 
3) Hope I get my Hudl for my birthday (on the 3rd August) 
4) Film four videos for All About the Kids YouTube channel

Here is my little video about what was in my backpack when I went away