Friday, 23 October 2015

School Update

We have been back to school for a over a month now and here is my little update for you.

Well being in year three is great and I am really enjoying it. I think I am doing OK. As I have said before I love Maths, I am not the best in my class but I enjoy it. At the moment I am learning my 6x times tables. I am enjoying doing my times tables and I want to know up to 12x by Easter... I think that would be great.

I have also gone up a level at reading. I am working so hard on my reading as I want to become a free reader. Only a few people in my class are that, so I'm hoping to be on that soon. There not that many silver books, I think there are 6 books and I have read one so only 5 more to go.

In English I am finding it hard with the spellings. My mum helps me out and we have word check, but at school I don't have my mum or word check so I just keep getting things in the wrong order when I spell them. I really need to work on that.

Other things that have been happening at school include starting in the choir and I am loving it. I can't wait to sing in the school assembly.

I am also the 2nd person in class to get the Bronze Award for 25 merit points. Now I have to work my way up to silver, not sure how many I have to get for that though.

That's it once again from me, see you soon.

Here is a little video that I did with my friend Keili, hope
 you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I loved it

The first two weekends of the Dancing Competition has happened and I loved it. So far I have done four dances, a Duet with Keili, Quad with Penny, Sidney and Poppie, my Song and Dance solo, and last of all my Trio with Poppie & Sidney. Out of them I got 3 golds, the only one I didn't get one in was my Song and Dance solo but I did myself proud though. I did exactly what I was meant to do but they had some brilliant people in the group and the person that came first was great, I wish I could sing like that.

I have another four to do, three of them are with other people and one more solo that I know I will not place in as there are 25 people in that group. I will try my best though and just hope for the best.

I can't wait until the last one, just for a bit of a break and I really want to work for my dance exam now. I'm not sure if my dance school are going to enter us for exams but I hope they do.

I will let you know how the rest of how the competition goes.

Here is a little video of my Dance Competition.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Dancing & Fashion

I love dancing & fashion. I also love sweets but that's not for this blog post. Dancing and fashion are one, well I think they are. You feel good dancing when you have pretty dress to do it in and we even get to have some make-up for our dance.

I have my first two dances this Saturday and I am pretty nervous. My first one up is my duet with Keili and we haven't practiced that much so I know we won't win but as long as I get on that stage and dance in my pretty lilac dress with a lovely tutu (and a few gems at the top of the dress), I'll be happy.

So here is me in the dress without make-up or my hair done up. This will be the last year of me wearing this dress as it's a bit tight and I did have to squeeze into it. So I think that my mum will be selling it onto the little girls in the dance group for the next competition.

I also have a small group one, with Sidney, Poppie and Penny. It's a fast moving one and I find fast pace dancing a little hard, I just hope that I can keep up with them on the day.

I love this outfit, it's cute and bright in colour. The top of it is a little bit itchy but I am not in it for too long. I love the sparkler on the top bit and the skirt. This will also be that last time I wear this one as it doesn't fit that well, so again my Mummy will just sell it on.

That's my first weekend of outfits, I hope I do OK.

Here is what I got for my Daddy for his birthday

Sunday, 4 October 2015

October Goals

September Goals

1) Get 230 on YouTube

2) Have a great first week back at school 

3) Film four videos for all about the kids YouTube channel that's now called Minnie and Friends Failed
(Only filmed one)

4) Do more cooking with Mummy 

October  Goals

October is here, that means it's Halloween soon. I can't wait to go out and do some trick or treating...

1) Get to 240 on YouTube 

2) Have three more Minnie and Friends videos filmed for November 

3) Get Gold on something in my dance competition