Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Annabell's Adventure

Well I left my favourite doll at my nanny's house the other day when I stayed the night, and I always have her. So my nanny's being sending my mum text messages and photos of her. Here is what she's been doing at my nanny's house.

When Nanny found Annabell she sent me the photo saying that she will look after her for me

Nanny put Annabell to bed saying she was very good going to bed. As she misses me, nanny gave her Dumbo to keep her company.

In the morning nanny gave her breakfast in bed with a cup of tea

Nanny let her play with toys while she had gone to work

Annabell having her dinner

It was Annabell's bedtime so nanny tucked her up in bed for a good night's sleep

The next morning Granddad brought her back round to me before I went to school. I am so glad to see her again as I missed her so much. Thank you Nanny and Grandad for looking after her for me.

Here is a little video of my Tsum Tsum collection if you fancy a look x

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Best Ballet Dress

This is the best dress around, I absolutely love it. It is yellow and I love yellow. It's got a lovely white tutu, yellow netting around on the bottom in a shape of a flower, with white daisies around the hemline and little Gold spots on it too.

The top bit has daisies on too. I think I love this so much as my favourite colour is yellow and mummy says yellow suits my skin colour.
I also like it because the skirt is so full, with lots of netting under it... it's so comfortable.

Mummy says this should last me a few more years. I hope it does as I do really like it.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

November Goals

October Goals 

1) Get to 240 on YouTube 

2) Have three more Minnie and Friends videos filmed for November (Failed)
It's hard to get my friends together to do videos so what I am doing now is having them on my channel instead.

3) Get Gold for something at my Dance Competition

November Goals 

1) Get to 250 on YouTube

2) Get ahead on my blog posts as I have so many to do

3) Get ahead on my YouTube filming

Here is my little video with my friend Keili

Friday, 23 October 2015

School Update

We have been back to school for a over a month now and here is my little update for you.

Well being in year three is great and I am really enjoying it. I think I am doing OK. As I have said before I love Maths, I am not the best in my class but I enjoy it. At the moment I am learning my 6x times tables. I am enjoying doing my times tables and I want to know up to 12x by Easter... I think that would be great.

I have also gone up a level at reading. I am working so hard on my reading as I want to become a free reader. Only a few people in my class are that, so I'm hoping to be on that soon. There not that many silver books, I think there are 6 books and I have read one so only 5 more to go.

In English I am finding it hard with the spellings. My mum helps me out and we have word check, but at school I don't have my mum or word check so I just keep getting things in the wrong order when I spell them. I really need to work on that.

Other things that have been happening at school include starting in the choir and I am loving it. I can't wait to sing in the school assembly.

I am also the 2nd person in class to get the Bronze Award for 25 merit points. Now I have to work my way up to silver, not sure how many I have to get for that though.

That's it once again from me, see you soon.

Here is a little video that I did with my friend Keili, hope
 you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I loved it

The first two weekends of the Dancing Competition has happened and I loved it. So far I have done four dances, a Duet with Keili, Quad with Penny, Sidney and Poppie, my Song and Dance solo, and last of all my Trio with Poppie & Sidney. Out of them I got 3 golds, the only one I didn't get one in was my Song and Dance solo but I did myself proud though. I did exactly what I was meant to do but they had some brilliant people in the group and the person that came first was great, I wish I could sing like that.

I have another four to do, three of them are with other people and one more solo that I know I will not place in as there are 25 people in that group. I will try my best though and just hope for the best.

I can't wait until the last one, just for a bit of a break and I really want to work for my dance exam now. I'm not sure if my dance school are going to enter us for exams but I hope they do.

I will let you know how the rest of how the competition goes.

Here is a little video of my Dance Competition.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Dancing & Fashion

I love dancing & fashion. I also love sweets but that's not for this blog post. Dancing and fashion are one, well I think they are. You feel good dancing when you have pretty dress to do it in and we even get to have some make-up for our dance.

I have my first two dances this Saturday and I am pretty nervous. My first one up is my duet with Keili and we haven't practiced that much so I know we won't win but as long as I get on that stage and dance in my pretty lilac dress with a lovely tutu (and a few gems at the top of the dress), I'll be happy.

So here is me in the dress without make-up or my hair done up. This will be the last year of me wearing this dress as it's a bit tight and I did have to squeeze into it. So I think that my mum will be selling it onto the little girls in the dance group for the next competition.

I also have a small group one, with Sidney, Poppie and Penny. It's a fast moving one and I find fast pace dancing a little hard, I just hope that I can keep up with them on the day.

I love this outfit, it's cute and bright in colour. The top of it is a little bit itchy but I am not in it for too long. I love the sparkler on the top bit and the skirt. This will also be that last time I wear this one as it doesn't fit that well, so again my Mummy will just sell it on.

That's my first weekend of outfits, I hope I do OK.

Here is what I got for my Daddy for his birthday

Sunday, 4 October 2015

October Goals

September Goals

1) Get 230 on YouTube

2) Have a great first week back at school 

3) Film four videos for all about the kids YouTube channel that's now called Minnie and Friends Failed
(Only filmed one)

4) Do more cooking with Mummy 

October  Goals

October is here, that means it's Halloween soon. I can't wait to go out and do some trick or treating...

1) Get to 240 on YouTube 

2) Have three more Minnie and Friends videos filmed for November 

3) Get Gold on something in my dance competition

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Life Update

So what's been going on you all ask. Well, I've been back at school and it's okay other than I have to sit with the boys and they are kind of smelly.

At the moment dancing is full on as I have my dance competition coming up next week. The first weekend I have my classical ballet duo with Keili and I have my quartet modern with Penny, Sidney and Poppie. It's going to be a lot of hard work but I hope I do okay and don't fall flat on my face.

Oh I got some good news at school today, I'm in the choir. I wanted to do the choir last year but I couldn't as it's only open to years 3 to 6 and now that I am in year 3 I can do it it. They only had a limited number of spaces in it and I got one of them. I'm so happy. I start on Wednesday after school and I'll keep you up-to-date with it.

My mum is sorting out a lot of my clothes recently because I'm growing out of them very fast so now I don't have any party dresses. I think I need to look out for some pretty ones. Also mum has to get me some new long-sleeved tops and thicker ones for the winter. So I have to keep an eye out for nice ones of them too.

Also for Avon one of daddy's friends put a big order in for us. I love her for that at the moment. I think we put orders in at about £80-£100 a month, that's okay as we are still just starting out and next year I am going to work a lot harder.

That's all that's been going on really, I'll let you know if anything else changes and I'll definitely let you know how my dance competitions go. Though I don't think I will win anything but I'm going to give it a good go, wish me luck. I have to go and try on my dancing outfits now, hope they still fit me.

Here is a little Video of me at Center Parcs

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

First Day in Year 3

It has been a few days now of me being in year three. 

So far it's okay, it's not great but it's not that bad. They've put us on tables for group ability and I am not with any of my friends. I'm always sat with boys and I don't really like it, they just talk, talk, talk, talk.

In English my partner always a boy, in Maths I sit with the boys too. I don't know why it is always me that has to sit with the boys. Last year I had to do that too and I was hoping that this year I wouldn't. It's starting to annoy me.

Other than that I still have my friends that I play with, like Keili, Julia and Faye and someone who is kind of new to the school, Marilyn. But she is very full on sometimes.

I have my first lot of homework this week and it's different from last year. We have a sheet of paper and we can pick what we want to do but I'll show you that in another blog. I'm sure my Mummy will be doing one on her blog and YouTube channel too.

That's it for now, I hope all is well with everyone.

Here is me talking about going back to school

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Next Step

I  though I would do a little blog post on my favourite TV show at the moment and it's called The Next Step on CBBC. The new series has just started and I think it's series three. They have just won the national dance competition and are now going into the international dance competition but they have lost their dance studio because of the mean man from Elite Dance Studio. He has bought the building they rehearse in just so he can get his team into the international dance competition as they didn't make it through.

So The Next Step teacher has to put The Next Step and Elite in a room together to compete at the next round as just one team. It's upsetting because my favourite one didn't make it due to a knee injury, Emily, but I hope she stays on the TV show as I really like her. My mummy's favourite Riley is in the team so she is happy about that.

As well Riley and James who are going out in the show together had to compete against each other to get a slot in the team. Riley danced her little heart out and James didn't, he just walked out so that Riley could get the spot. That is so sweet I just hope they stay together.

I can't wait to watch the next few episodes and see what happens this season. I just found out as well  it's actually a Canadian program. I am going over to Canada next year... I'm so excited as you never know I might bump into one of them, that would be so good if it happens.

Here is a little video of me making cake 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Excited to go Back to School

I think I may be the only one excited to go back to school. Everyone I see doesn't want to go back but I do, is that wrong of me? I love learning and can't wait to see what can happen in year three.

I've met my new teacher and she seems really nice. And I've been working over the summer holiday so I hope I'm not in the lowest group when I get back. I've had a fun summer with my mummy and daddy making lots of cakes, going away, going to the park and just chilling out at home sometimes.

But I want to get my teeth into more. I want to see all my friends and tell them all about my summer holidays. I've missed my best friend Faye as I haven't seen her. I've seen some of my friends over the holidays like my nutty friend Keili who lives down the road and a few of my dancing friends. I had my birthday party that happened at the beginning of August and quite a few of my friends came to that.

People have been saying that year three will be a lot harder, that's because I'm going to the juniors and won't be in infants any more. I don't think it will be that hard, first of all it won't be anyway as I think they'll just get us used to being back to school.

I will let you know how my first day goes. I think I'll be fine, well I hope it will be fine anyway.

Here is a little video that I made about going back to school.

Monday, 31 August 2015

September Goals

August Goals 

1) Get 220 on my YouTube
2) Have a great holiday with my Mummy & Daddy 
3) Hope I get my Hudl for my birthday (on the 3rd August) 
4) Film four videos for All About the Kids YouTube channel 

September Goals 

1)  Get 230 on YouTube
2) Have a great first few weeks back at school
3) Film four videos for All About the Kids YouTube channe
4) Do more cooking with Mummy

It has been lots of fun over the holiday but I am ready to go back to school and see all my friends.

Here is a little video of me making a caking, I hope you enjoy it x

Sunday, 30 August 2015

What I got for my birthday

Hi guys I am back and thought I would show you and tell you what I got for my birthday.

Well first up I got a Hudl, it's a Tesco version of an iPad and I love it. My mum has put a few apps on there for me and I also have CBBC on there that I love watching. My favourite show is the Next Step, it's all about dancing.

I also got a big Lego set and it only took me a day to make it, I'm getting so good at that now.  It was the Lego Friends Beach House. It's great, it's got a person windsurfing on it and some stairs as it's a two level house. I found it easy to make and it's 6 -12 years but I do love Lego and play with Lego most days.

And my other big present I actually got a bit early because they wanted me to use it for most of the summer, it was my bike. I've done a blog post on this and I'll leave the link here for you to see. Her name is Oceana and I love riding her. I just love the colour of her and she's got a basket on the front of it that I put all my things in.

Also got some other bits like a Lush bath bomb and some money from my friends. I am so grateful for everything that I got so thank you to everyone who got something for me, I love them all.

Here is a little back to school video for you all x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Birthday Party

 Hello everyone, it's been my birthday so of course I had a birthday party. I only had a few friends over I think about 8 and I had my family over too. I always have a BBQ if it's nice weather. This is the first year where I haven't had a bouncy castle. Mummy and Daddy said that we can do different type of games, the games they used to do when they had parties when they were little.

So we had pass the parcel, sack race, photo booth and twister. They are all so fun I really liked the Sack race. I didn't win but I didn't mind.

I had so much fun so thank you to all my friends that came and my family.
Here are some photos of the party.

 The sack race. Here are some of friends.

Here is me and my friend Keili.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Horse Riding Lesson Update

I am going to talk to you about my horse riding lesson update. I am in level two horseriding so I go round without a person holding onto my horse. Sometimes someone does as I'm not as confident as the other girls but I don't mind. I've been very lucky because I got an hour's private lesson for a different school and it was brilliant. I worked really hard that day and I've got a lot more confident on the horse and it was a really big one too. I think his name was Danny and he was white.

At my other horse riding lesson that I do for an hour there are about eight of us but I ride a pony as I just feel a bit more confident on them, but now I'm thinking big horses are quite nice as well although I have further to fall if I fall off. I don't plan to though! I normally have a pony called Honey or Poppy, they are really lovely ponies and can sometimes be a bit cheeky.

I can walk and trot with my horse now. It feels a little scary going round trotting but I'm getting more confident every time I do it.

Next month I won't be having horseriding lessons as we just can't fit it in, I have parties to go to and going on holiday during one of the weeks so it just doesn't fit in. Mummy said that maybe having this month off I should really think about whether I want to carry on doing it with everything else I do. She said she hasn't got all the money in the world so can't just go to the bank and get more. Not sure why though.

In a few months' time I will update you more if I'm going to carry on doing Horse riding lessons. I am really in two minds at the moment, I do really enjoy it but I really enjoy doing my dancing as well.

Here is a little YouTube video that I have done

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August Goals

 July Goals 

1) Get 210 on my YouTube
2) Do the 30 day journey to the splits with mummy (Failed) 
3) Still be good for my Hudl
4) Plan more of my birthday party 

August Goals 

1) Get 220 on my YouTube
2) Have a great holiday with my Mummy & Daddy 
3) Hope I get my Hudl for my birthday (on the 3rd August) 
4) Film four videos for All About the Kids YouTube channel

Here is my little video about what was in my backpack when I went away

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sports Day 2015

It was school sports day on the Friday 26th June. I am still on the green team and we normally do OK. We get points throughout the school year and at the end of sports day we found out which team had won. Last year we, the green team, won woohoo, and guess what we did it again... we had the most points out of the whole school.

It was a fun day. I enjoyed the morning the most as we had throw the wellies, the egg & spoon race and some other funny ones like that. In the afternoon our Mummy and Daddy could come and watch and of course my Mummy came to watch but Daddy had to work. He said he might be able to see me next year if I tell him sooner.

So in the afternoon it was a lot of throwing games and we got very hot, as it was a really hot day. But I did have sunscreen on and had lots to drink. Mummy even got me an double ice-cream after school and I really needed it.

Here is my YouTube video, hope you enjoy it

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Plans for the Summer Holidays

I will be having a month off schools for the summer holidays. Here are 8 things that I'd love to do with my family or friends.

1) Having the best birthday and birthday party I possibly can. I will be turning seven and I cannot wait.

2) Learn how to swim. Mummy said that she can take me to the swimming pool and will try and get me to be able to swim. I just get very scared that I'm going to go under and get it all in my eyes and up my nose. Mummy says that it will happen but she will stop anything else happening to me. She will be right there with me so I need to be brave.

3) Have a lovely little holiday with my family. We go to Kessingland every year just for a week. I want to make the most of that before daddy has to go back to work.

4) learn all my timestables... I know my 2, 3, a bit of my 4 my 5, 10, and 11, so only have a few more to go.

5) Have some fun in the garden with bubbles, painting, football and on my swings.

6) Make lots of yummy cakes with my Mummy. My mummy is good at making cakes so this summer I want to learn how to make some of them with her.

7) Get ready for my dancing competition. I don't think the competition happens during the holiday as I think Mummy said it's the end of September, beginning of October time, but I'd like to practice my dancing so I can feel confident on stage.

8) Do YouTube videos for my new channel all about the kids. I want to start putting them up in September. I will need my friends and my Mummy to help with this.

He is my latest video x

Thursday, 9 July 2015

July Goals

June Goals
1) Do Mummy part of the project
2)  Get 200 on my Youtube.. only 5 to go 
3) Start mt new channel that I made up with a little help from my friends ( Have started )
4)Be good enought that mummy & Daddy say i have my Hudi for my birthday.

July Goals 

1) Get 210 on my youtube
2) Do the 30 day journey to the splits with Mummy
3) Still be a good girl for my Hudi
4) Plan more of my birthday

x Here is My June Favourites x

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

School Life

 School Life is Good! I have a few good friends like Faye and Julia who I play with everyday. I also have a good friend called Keili. I don't play with her every day at school but I do go to dancing and drama lessons with her after school. She can be a little bit bossy sometimes though. Mummy says I haven't got long left being at school until I go into year three and that's the big playground and the bigger hall. I'm little bit scared but I should be okay.

I had my SATS a few weeks ago and I think I did okay. I think I did better in Maths than English and I will soon when I get the marks. Mummy says that as long as I tried my best she doesn't mind what I get.

At school at the moment we are learning all about plants, how they grow and their leaves to understand how it all works. I am enjoying that as well as music lessons which we've just started on one day a week. They are really good and I think I'm going to be really good at music because my Daddy is a musician. I had my school assembly today and I had to stand up and say something, I was really nervous but I did a good job.

I don't know who my teacher is going to be in year three at the moment but Miss Stevens will be staying with us as she is boy Riley's helper. That will be nice to know the teacher and have her in our class still.

Oh as well we have a hamster in our class and it has escaped and no one can find it. It was only a little hamster and we only had it a few weeks. We've made a few posters and put them around the school. Hopefully we'll be able to find him but Mummy said we might not be able to. Next time maybe they should get a better cage for him as it was taped around it and it fell off so he just went through the hole. Poor little Nibbles.

Here is my little video on my new Bike x

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Helping in the Garden

Daddy has been hard at work making our Garden look good for the summer and of course for our Summer BBQ.

I may not be able to do much to help him and Mummy but I am trying where I can. I did help take the wood out of the van, and have helped dig up some of the mud, also helped get all the weeds out of the back bit of the garden so we could put new Fence Panels up. So the people in the garden behind ours can't see into our garden now.

Daddy is doing really well, now he's kind of on a roll I think that's what mummy says anyway. He has put down quite a bit the decking and the things underneath it (I can't remember what they're called). And he has to use a big saw so I have to be really quiet when he uses it so doesn't cut his finger off.  The neighbour three doors down is a builder and he's been helping us out by letting us use some funky tools to put the screws in more easily.

I can't wait to see it all done. Mummy said that we could have more barbecues out there and get little chairs on the decking too. That will be so cool and Mummy said will be able to have more dinners outside too.

My spring look book, please come over a take a look. It's really fun :-)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Badminton Horse Trials

A few weekends ago mummy and daddy took me to Badminton Horse Trials. They know that I really like horses as I do horse riding lessons. So daddy booked this for me I think secretly he really wanted to go because he went when he was a little boy when his daddy filmed it for the BBC.

He said that he fell into some stinging nettles and as it was a really hot day there so he was in shorts and a t-shirt... ouch. Daddy was really careful of the stinging nettles this time so that he didn't fall in again (hehe).

When we got there we saw so many Horses straightaway that had just been fed and were having a little warm up trot. Daddy said we should go to the main centre and see the ponies because there was a Shetland Pony Parade. We didn't have a clue what it was when we got there so we sat down and it was kids riding Shetland Ponies around the track in a race. It was so funny and mummy just couldn't stop laughing at it. There was one little fat Shetland Pony who had to stop halfway through because he was so out of breath. I think the Horse rider was a bit too big for him too.

The rest of the day we walked round the cross country track to see all the horses jump over the fences and they were so close running past us it was a little scary sometimes, but most the time it was really cool. I've never been so close to them running that fast before.

It was a nice warm day so me and mummy got some ice cream. We also got hotdogs and then daddy got himself a burger.

I hope we can go back next year but I just have to wait and see if daddy lets us. I have to be a good girl to go again daddy said.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June Goals

May Goals 
1) Get 176 on YouTube
2) Do well in my KS1 tests (I think I did) 
3)  Finish my little project with my Daddy (Daddy part is done, now it's Mummy's part) 
4) Do at least one blog post a week 

June Goals
1)  Do Mummy's part of the Project
2)  Get to 200 on YouTube..  only 5 to go :-) 
3) Start my new YouTube channel that I made up with the help of my friends
4) Be good enough that Mummy & Daddy say I can have my Hudl for my birthday

 Here is my May Favourites 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Disney Part Two

I am back with my part two of my Disney blog

On this day we went into the main Disney park. We got in extra early as we are staying at one of the main hotels and as soon as we walked into the park we saw Mickey and Minnie. It was a great photo op... Mummy and Auntie Kelly said this never happens with them both together and it was a very rare opportunity, so we queued up for about 30 minutes to get our photos taken with them. I got such a big hug off Mickey and Minnie, it felt really good.

And as it was Nanny's 50th birthday she had a photo of them both on her own and they both gave her a kiss for the photo. I think she liked it. After that we went to find a few rides that were open. Not all of them where open, not entirely sure why but they weren't. We did get to go on the carousel and as soon as the fast pass was open we got on the Peter Pan Ride. We got really good times and didn't queue up and others had to wait about two hours, and that was a long time.

We had to queue for a really long time for the Dumbo ride, about an hour I think, and I really needed a wee wee.

After the morning in the park we went back to the hotel so we could have a little nap, that's what mummy said anyway, but we didn't and we ended up going swimming in the swimming pool instead. I really enjoyed it and once we got back to our room after swimming we went back to the park for the fireworks, which were was so cool. I thought I'd be scared but I wasn't. We even got some really cool Mickey ears that flash to the music.

The fireworks were great, I really enjoyed them as they weren't really loud and they were covered by the music so I didn't really hear them. After all that fun we went back to the hotel and had a really really good sleep.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Being Six

What's it like being a six-year-old? 

Well I am here to answer that question for you... it is fun and adventurous! Being six means you're still a young child that can get away with lots of fun while learning to start being a bigger girl.

I like playing in the garden with my daddy, he plays football and running around like a loony. Also in the garden we like playing hide and seek. There's not many places to hide but I still like it.When we are at home for the day and the weather is not so nice we play rough tumbles but mummy says we might have to be a little bit more careful soon as I am getting a bit too big for it. I don't think I am. Also, daddy is teaching me the piano and other musical instruments and we are in the middle of doing a song together that will hopefully be on my YouTube channel.

School is getting a bit harder, we have to work harder in class but it makes us better at what we're doing. I really enjoy doing maths in school as I think I'm quite good at it. For phonics I'm not in the best group but I find it really easy at it the moment so am going to get mummy to talk to the teacher about it as I would really like to go up a group. We will have to wait and see on that one.

When I'm with mummy it's more relaxing, we do reading, homework and drawing. And mummy gives me the best snuggles going whether we're watching TV together or she's reading me a story at night time. Mummy is in the middle of teaching me how to ride my bike, I'm getting there but it's taken its time and I get a bit scared that I might fall off. But as mummy says it's all about being confident. My mummy also helps with my YouTube, helping me put my ideas onto the big screen.

One down side about being six is that sometime I think I want to do things but I'm just not big enough yet and I get really frustrated with it and annoyed. But as mummy and daddy say, in time I'll be able to do it, it just takes a bit of time sometimes and practicing how to do it. I hope so.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Fun In Disney - Part One

So a few weeks ago I went to Disneyland Paris with some of my family. Well my mummy, Nanny two of my cousins and my Auntie Kelly.

We had to start the day early as we had to get to our train and get through check in and sort our bags before we were allowed on the train. And that can take up to an hour doing all that but we made it in plenty of time and even had time to go and get myself a nice glass of Apple Juice from the cafe. It was yummy.

Once on the train we found our seats and got my bag of goodies out, like my pen and paper to do some drawing and of course a few sweets because I like them and it was a long trip on the train. A very long trip.

But once we got to Disney Mummy handed our bags to something she called The Disney Express where they take them straight to out hotel so we could go to the park straightaway woohoo. We did the first park, which was the Hollywood Studios park and went on the Cars Ride as the queue wasn't that long. It was fun and we saw Jessie from Toy Story. She was so nice and I got a hug from her too.

The rest of that day we spent in Hollywood Studios in Toy Story land. Mummy and Auntie Kelly went on Tower of Terror but Mummy said I would be scared to go on that so I stayed with Nanny and my Cousins having ice lollies. That was really nice.

After that we went to find some food and ended up in the Rainforest Cafe. It's so fun in there with the elephant, waterfall and rain noises. My Cousin Joshua wasn't too happy about all the noise but I really enjoyed it and enjoyed the food too. I couldn't wait to go back to our hotel and see what it was like. I will do another blog post about the hotel soon, but it was nice inside and that's all I am saying for now.

Hope you enjoyed my little blog post about Part One of Disney.

Don't forget to check out my little video of our trip below xoxo

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What's in my rucksack (Disneyland Paris)

Hello everyone.
Here is what's in my little rucksack that I took on the train with me to Disneyland Paris.
My mummy helped me packed it.

So first up here is my pencil case and paper as it's going to be a long journey. In my pencil case I made sure that I had a rubber and a pencil sharpener and of course a a few colouring pencils. If I didn't have them it would be a bit pointless bringing the paper.

Next up is my teddy bear, I had to take my Mickey Mouse one as he is from Disney and mummy said that if I lost him I could buy another one.

Food - well as it's a long journey and mummy said the food is expensive we took crisps, chocolate and a few other sweets. We didn't eat all of them but had a few of them and they were very yummy.

The last thing is Lego. I took a little bag of Lego so I could build some things on the way. I didn't actually play with it at all so next time I will just leave that at home.

That's whats in my little rucksack. Hope you enjoy it and please check out the below little video I did.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Goals

April Goals 

 1)  Finish my little project with my Daddy Part Done 

2) Do a blog post every week this month Failed, I missed one week

3) Do a YouTube video every week this month  Done    

4) Get to 160 on YouTube and get a least one more person on my blog  Part Done 

May Goals 

1) Get 176 on YouTube

2) Do well in my KS1 tests

3)  Finish my little project with my Daddy

4) Do at least one blog post a week 

Hi, here is my Disneyland vlog ... come and take a look x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Shopping - Lush

We went to see the family the other day, well Nanna, Grandad and my Auntie, Uncle and Cousin. We went shopping in Peterborough and Mummy and I love Lush so we went in. Mummy said I can buy one thing so we asked the staff what makes the best colours and bubbles in the bath. So she showed us two, the first one is granny takes a dip, It's so cool and the other one is rose that makes lots of bubbles.

I picked Granny takes a dip just because it looks so much fun with all the pretty colours that will go in my bath, it just looks so cool. When we got to the till she said hold on a minute and she went out back and got me a free Rose one. Oh my, I couldn't believe it. Mummy said I was a lucky girl and I must have been.

Here is my little video of  what I got up to over my first week on Easter Holidays its free to go a watch it. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spring Wish List

Spring is here and I saw Mummy doing this blog post on her blog. Mine is not going to be like Mummy's as she put some clothes and a bag, mine is all about the toys and a really pretty dress.

First I will start with the clothes I have seen, they are both from Next. The cute Minion jumper is in pink and he's taking a selfie, it's so funny. Mummy said I should put the price of them all so the price is £14.00 in my size. The dress has yellow in it and I love a bit of yellow and this style of dress. I think Mummy said it was a Prom style, not sure what that means, it's just a cute dress to me and
is £22.00 in my size.

Ok these two are from the Disney store. First up is this cute Cinderella Tiara, I think it's about £10.00, and I saw this dress to go with it. It's £150 but what a cute Cinderella Dress it is. I know that I won't get it as it's a lot of money but a girl can dream can't she.

We all know that I love Lego so I  looked at the Lego shop and saw this cute one, it's Ariel's Undersea Palace and is £49,99. I think I will ask Mummy and Daddy for this for my birthday. Also Lego have an new range out, it's called Elves and this is the treetop hideaway at £39.99. It's so cute that they have a new range out.

Hope you enjoyed my Spring Wish List. Let me know what's on yours x

Here is my youtube feel free to take a look