Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Getting ready for our Holiday.

This year we are going away on Holiday, not just any holiday we are going abroad. I have only been to France abroad and daddy drove there or I got Eurostar. But this will be the first time I am going on a plane. I am so excited but really nervous.

We will be going to Canada to see Jasmine, Chris and baby Benjamin, haven't seen them in ages and I can't wait to see them. We're spending a week with them and then spending another week in America. I'm not sure what part of America, mummy just said America. She said that Canada is going to be really cold and that in America it will be kind of like spring weather in the UK. So we have to take two different types of clothes, our nice warm ones and some spring ones too.

We are not going for ages yet but mummy has been buying me a few things in the sale, like things that I can do on the plane as it is a six hour flight. I don't think she wants me to get bored. She also picked up a few clothes. I will be putting them on here soon and on my YouTube channel.

The two things that I wanted to show you are from the shop called Paperchase, they are two things for the plane and while I'm on holiday I suppose. First one is a travel activity book with lots of little cats on with superhero masks on their eyes. It looks a little bit weird but it's great. It has a bit where I can put my passport details like my name and age, town where I live. I also get to draw a little picture of me. It also has space for what I will pack in my suitcase, places where I can put photos and the holiday diary. It has four little sections marked out Keepsake from my trip, Photos, Do not lose and Important stuff. It was £10 reduced to £5.

There was also a matching drawing & writing book that goes with it. I think mummy had to buy it separately. It has got a place where I can do a drawing and then underneath it's got a few lines that I can write about the picture. I really want to use them there but mummy said no I have to wait until I'm on the plane. There is one little bit on there that has got a countdown till the holiday so I might ask mummy if I can use that nearer the time.

As the holiday gets closer I will do more posts about it but mummy gave me these today and I love them and could not wait to show you x

Here is a little video I did of my top 5 book 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Best Bits from 2015

Best Bits from 2015

1) Family Fun - Last year we got up to so many things, we went to Devon to see my cousins, we went to Peterborough to see my other cousins, had a lovely week away in Kessingland where we played on the beach and went to the zoo. Had lots of movie nights at home with mummy and daddy. Also spent quite a bit of time with my two cousins Joshua and Zachary, also little Isabel too.

2) School - 2015 was an okay time at school. I went into Juniors, so year three, in September. Both my parents' evenings were great, I even got called a cracker by my teacher. I think that's a good thing. I have worked hard and you can see that in my work. I became a free reader so I can now choose the books. I also got my pen licence, meaning I can write in pen now.

3) YouTube - My YouTube channel has grown in 2015 and I've really enjoyed doing it. I have plans for 2016 so I will need the help of my mummy and daddy for this one and my friends. So I hope 2016 for YouTube will be a lot better than 2015, I've just got to work hard for it.

4) Disney on Ice - I saw Disney on Ice at Christmas and it was fantastic. I love everything Disney, my mum loves everything Disney, my whole family love everything Disney. So it was great to see and I can't stop singing along to the songs.

5) I can kind of swim now. I went to Center Parks and mummy was teaching me to swim. I can now swim underwater - above water is still a bit of a problem but underwater I'm like a little fishy. I'm so proud of myself as I used to hate water going in my eyes and up my nose and that's fine now. In 2016 I hope to be able to swim above water as well as below water.

6) My Mummy and Daddy. They have helped me through 2015 and I'm so thankful for it. They have bought me some lovely things like my wheelies that I absolutely love wearing, especially round Tesco doing the food shop. Mummy has really helped me with my maths because I was struggling a bit at school. And I have loved doing tents in the front room with daddy.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

2016 Ready

Oh yes, I am ready for 2016. Well I am only seven so I don't really need to be ready for much other than school and having lots of fun. So I am ready for the lots of fun part but not 100% on the school part as this year I will be going into Year Four and I know it's going to get harder.

My Goals for 2016

1) Carry on doing well on my YouTube and try and do better on my blog. I have 260 on my YouTube and I am so happy, whoever thought I would get that many people. But by the end of 2016 I'm aiming to get 500 on my channel and I've already gained one more this year so now at 261, only 239 to go. My blog is just a small thing I do and I have about seven people on it. That's fine for now but I'll be working on that this year.

2) Know all my times tables by the end of the year. I know up to my six times table at the moment and I'm learning my seven times tables this month, by the end of the year I should know all my times tables.

3) Carry on doing well at school. Mummy and Daddy said I've been doing well at school and at home. I'm hoping to keep both of them up as if I keep this going at home I do get little treats off my Mummy and Daddy (like my Cath Kidston shoes and my wheelies that I got earlier on in the year last year).

4) Pick my after-school activities. At the moment I do dancing, drama, horse riding and choir. I do choir after school at school with my music teacher but others I go somewhere else for. But I also want to do singing and piano lessons. Mummy said I can't do all of them so have to give up something. I'm not really enjoying horse riding at the moment I just keep getting scared by the horses going really fast so I might give that up for a bit and see if I miss it or not. And take up singing lessons instead as I'm really into that and Daddy can help me do the piano as we have one at home so you might as well use it.

Let me know if you have any goals for 2016. I would love to hear about them and I will keep you up-to-date on mine.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Hightop Trainers

I have some lovely new shoes that my mummy and daddy got me. They said that I have been a really good girl in 2015 and have progressed so much with school, dancing and everything else.

So here are my new shoes, a great pair of new hightop trainers from Cath Kidston. We went into London and did a bit shopping and daddy saw these and I loved them. The pattern on them is so cute and and it works really well with my bag. I just love the colours of them with the pretty pink flowers and the blue and yellow leaves.

I am on the look out for a nice Cath Kidston backpack to take on holiday with me
to go with my shoes and my little bag. They also do really cute clothing that I have been looking at online with my mummy.

That's it for now and I will see you next week for my 2016 goals.

Here is a little video of a day at home with my mummy before Christmas