Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Getting ready for our Holiday.

This year we are going away on Holiday, not just any holiday we are going abroad. I have only been to France abroad and daddy drove there or I got Eurostar. But this will be the first time I am going on a plane. I am so excited but really nervous.

We will be going to Canada to see Jasmine, Chris and baby Benjamin, haven't seen them in ages and I can't wait to see them. We're spending a week with them and then spending another week in America. I'm not sure what part of America, mummy just said America. She said that Canada is going to be really cold and that in America it will be kind of like spring weather in the UK. So we have to take two different types of clothes, our nice warm ones and some spring ones too.

We are not going for ages yet but mummy has been buying me a few things in the sale, like things that I can do on the plane as it is a six hour flight. I don't think she wants me to get bored. She also picked up a few clothes. I will be putting them on here soon and on my YouTube channel.

The two things that I wanted to show you are from the shop called Paperchase, they are two things for the plane and while I'm on holiday I suppose. First one is a travel activity book with lots of little cats on with superhero masks on their eyes. It looks a little bit weird but it's great. It has a bit where I can put my passport details like my name and age, town where I live. I also get to draw a little picture of me. It also has space for what I will pack in my suitcase, places where I can put photos and the holiday diary. It has four little sections marked out Keepsake from my trip, Photos, Do not lose and Important stuff. It was £10 reduced to £5.

There was also a matching drawing & writing book that goes with it. I think mummy had to buy it separately. It has got a place where I can do a drawing and then underneath it's got a few lines that I can write about the picture. I really want to use them there but mummy said no I have to wait until I'm on the plane. There is one little bit on there that has got a countdown till the holiday so I might ask mummy if I can use that nearer the time.

As the holiday gets closer I will do more posts about it but mummy gave me these today and I love them and could not wait to show you x

Here is a little video I did of my top 5 book 

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