Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Birthday Gifts

I turned 8 on the 3rd August so in this blog post I thought I would show you what I got for my birthday. The only thing I asked for was some Playdoh.

My Mum and Dad got me an Electricity & Magnetism set, a Grow Your Own Butterfly set (then you let them go), some money (as we were going shopping the next day) and a lovely Lego set.

My aunties got me some lovely clothing, a Tsum Tsum Puzzle that I will be doing with my mum and some Playdoh.

My nanny got me tickets to see The Next Step Live. I can't believe she got me tickets to see them, I love the show and love watching them dance, I just wish I could dance like them. My Auntie Kelly gave me some money to spend at the show and now I just have to wait until October to see them.

I also got some money off other people and lots of lovely Cards. I wish I had a birthday everyday but mummy said that would get boring to get Gifts everyday.

What I got for my birthday

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