Monday, 6 October 2014

Day with Nanna and Grandad.

On Saturday 27th September Mummy left me while she went to the spa with Nanny and Auntie Kelly.
She gave me a kiss when she left and took me into her bed so I could have a cuddle with Daddy but I woke up, so I waved bye to Mummy at the door and then got really upset that I wasn't going with her.

After that Daddy had a chat with me and I felt better. He told me to go back to sleep but I couldn't so I went to play with my Dolls House, while Daddy had a bit of a lie in.

Daddy was going out today as well, so Nanna and Grandad came over to look after me and they brought the doggies over too. They stay in the van and don't come in the house. Mummy said that their van is a big camper van so it's fine for them to stay in it all day.

We went on a little adventure to our local little forest called Hainault Forest. I love it there as they have a little farm with meerkats, ponies and some other animals and have a pond to walk round, so we took the dogs for a walk first and they were very good. They normally bark a lot at me but they didn't today.

When we got home Daddy had just pulled up in his car back from his rehearsal, so all the adults had a cup of tea or coffee and I played with Lego in the front room with my apple juice.

Then we went out from a meal with Nanna and Grandad to Miller and Carter. I think it's one of mummy and daddy's favourite places to eat. I had Macaroni Cheese and it was so tasty. By the time we got back home, mummy was back and waiting for her cuddle from me. So I got a lovely hug and then it was off to bed for me and Nanna and Grandad went home.

I had a really fun day with Nanna & Grandad and I can't wait to see them again soon.

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