Monday, 20 October 2014

Top Five Teddy Bears

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Welcome to my top five teddy bears

I will be doing this in reverse order

5) White bear
She came from a grabby game at Southend Seafront. She's white with a little red bow round her neck. She's very cuddly and fluffy and nice to hug in bed... well all of them are.

4)  Brown Bear
I made this bear! I got this from my daddy's Uncle Christopher and Auntie Jean and I had to make her myself. My Nanny helped me do this and showed me what to do. I didn't make the dress myself though but she's just so cute.

3) Rainbow Dash
You should all know who she is as she's from My Little Pony and is one of my favourite characters. She seems like the one who you don't mess with and that's what I love about her.
I love the hair on her head and her tail, all rainbow colours. So that's really great... who doesn't love a rainbow?

2) Big Tedmund
Hello. This is my big, big, big teddy bear and he is called Tedmund. Mummy and Daddy got him for me as I have been a good girl and doing well in school, so I got a treat. So thank you mummy and Daddy. He is so big that if he is in bed with me I have to sleep on top of him but he is so comfortable.

1) Anabel
I know she's not a teddy bear she is my doll and I treat her like a teddy bear. She comes to bed with me, I take her to nanny's house with me and if I get tired or anything like that it's Anabel I take. I love her lots and she was my first doll. Mummy said I got her I was about 15 months old for Christmas. I don't think any other teddy bear can come first.

I have done a youtube video so I will leave it here for you to go and have a look x

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  1. Awww...teddy bears, who doesn't like teddy bears?? Big Tedmond looks amazing and very snuggable! :-) #weekendbloghop