Sunday, 16 August 2015

Horse Riding Lesson Update

I am going to talk to you about my horse riding lesson update. I am in level two horseriding so I go round without a person holding onto my horse. Sometimes someone does as I'm not as confident as the other girls but I don't mind. I've been very lucky because I got an hour's private lesson for a different school and it was brilliant. I worked really hard that day and I've got a lot more confident on the horse and it was a really big one too. I think his name was Danny and he was white.

At my other horse riding lesson that I do for an hour there are about eight of us but I ride a pony as I just feel a bit more confident on them, but now I'm thinking big horses are quite nice as well although I have further to fall if I fall off. I don't plan to though! I normally have a pony called Honey or Poppy, they are really lovely ponies and can sometimes be a bit cheeky.

I can walk and trot with my horse now. It feels a little scary going round trotting but I'm getting more confident every time I do it.

Next month I won't be having horseriding lessons as we just can't fit it in, I have parties to go to and going on holiday during one of the weeks so it just doesn't fit in. Mummy said that maybe having this month off I should really think about whether I want to carry on doing it with everything else I do. She said she hasn't got all the money in the world so can't just go to the bank and get more. Not sure why though.

In a few months' time I will update you more if I'm going to carry on doing Horse riding lessons. I am really in two minds at the moment, I do really enjoy it but I really enjoy doing my dancing as well.

Here is a little YouTube video that I have done

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