Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Dancing & Fashion

I love dancing & fashion. I also love sweets but that's not for this blog post. Dancing and fashion are one, well I think they are. You feel good dancing when you have pretty dress to do it in and we even get to have some make-up for our dance.

I have my first two dances this Saturday and I am pretty nervous. My first one up is my duet with Keili and we haven't practiced that much so I know we won't win but as long as I get on that stage and dance in my pretty lilac dress with a lovely tutu (and a few gems at the top of the dress), I'll be happy.

So here is me in the dress without make-up or my hair done up. This will be the last year of me wearing this dress as it's a bit tight and I did have to squeeze into it. So I think that my mum will be selling it onto the little girls in the dance group for the next competition.

I also have a small group one, with Sidney, Poppie and Penny. It's a fast moving one and I find fast pace dancing a little hard, I just hope that I can keep up with them on the day.

I love this outfit, it's cute and bright in colour. The top of it is a little bit itchy but I am not in it for too long. I love the sparkler on the top bit and the skirt. This will also be that last time I wear this one as it doesn't fit that well, so again my Mummy will just sell it on.

That's my first weekend of outfits, I hope I do OK.

Here is what I got for my Daddy for his birthday

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