Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Best Bits from 2015

Best Bits from 2015

1) Family Fun - Last year we got up to so many things, we went to Devon to see my cousins, we went to Peterborough to see my other cousins, had a lovely week away in Kessingland where we played on the beach and went to the zoo. Had lots of movie nights at home with mummy and daddy. Also spent quite a bit of time with my two cousins Joshua and Zachary, also little Isabel too.

2) School - 2015 was an okay time at school. I went into Juniors, so year three, in September. Both my parents' evenings were great, I even got called a cracker by my teacher. I think that's a good thing. I have worked hard and you can see that in my work. I became a free reader so I can now choose the books. I also got my pen licence, meaning I can write in pen now.

3) YouTube - My YouTube channel has grown in 2015 and I've really enjoyed doing it. I have plans for 2016 so I will need the help of my mummy and daddy for this one and my friends. So I hope 2016 for YouTube will be a lot better than 2015, I've just got to work hard for it.

4) Disney on Ice - I saw Disney on Ice at Christmas and it was fantastic. I love everything Disney, my mum loves everything Disney, my whole family love everything Disney. So it was great to see and I can't stop singing along to the songs.

5) I can kind of swim now. I went to Center Parks and mummy was teaching me to swim. I can now swim underwater - above water is still a bit of a problem but underwater I'm like a little fishy. I'm so proud of myself as I used to hate water going in my eyes and up my nose and that's fine now. In 2016 I hope to be able to swim above water as well as below water.

6) My Mummy and Daddy. They have helped me through 2015 and I'm so thankful for it. They have bought me some lovely things like my wheelies that I absolutely love wearing, especially round Tesco doing the food shop. Mummy has really helped me with my maths because I was struggling a bit at school. And I have loved doing tents in the front room with daddy.

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