Wednesday, 9 November 2016


When we were away for a few days we went to see the film Trolls at the local movies and what a great film it was. I didn't really know what to expect before I saw it other than lots of little Trolls running around. The motto for Trolls is Sing, Dance & Hug and that's mainly what they did throughout the film.

The story is based around Princess Poppy. When the Trolls' old enemy the Bergens find Troll village Poppy goes on an adventure with her friend Branch to find their friends that got taken by Chef Bergen.
Chef Bergen takes them because when the Bergens eat a Troll they are happy and it only happens once a year. On their adventure Princess Poppy nearly gets eaten by spiders, plants and other things. She only manages to carry on by singing herself happy songs, then Branch comes and helps her from the spider.

Branch isn't a happy Troll, he doesn't sing and dance like the rest of them because when he was younger his nan got eaten by a Bergen because he was singing and his nan was trying to save him. When this happened he turned into a grey Troll. But by the end with the help of Poppy he returns to being a happy singing and dancing Troll and falls in love with Princess Poppy.

Once Poppy and Branch helped their friends they help Bridget who is a Bergen but who loves singing and dancing and also loves King Gristle. They help her and King Gristle fall in love and show them that they don't need to eat Trolls to feel happy anymore. And the film ends with of course a song and lots of hugs.

I love this film and would love it for Christmas with maybe a Poppy Troll.

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