Monday, 1 September 2014

My Cute Outfit

This is one of my favourite cosy outfits for just being in the house all day while mummy was busy doing the tidying up and doing a bit of catching up on her emails and her blog. It was OK though as I did lots of crafty things and did some more of my little book that I was making over the summer holidays.

The jumper I am wearing is from Tesco, it's a size bigger than mummy would normally get for me, but she got it in the sale. It's just a little too long in the arms for me but I love all the sparkles at the top of the jumper, it's so me.

The jogging bottoms are from Tesco too, I think Mummy and Daddy must have had a little shopping spree in Tesco one day as this outfit was all from Tesco. I like them because they feel like Pyjamas, but don't look like them.

Make sure you come back soon and see me.

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