Thursday, 4 September 2014


Yes, I have to say that I am a big LEGO fan. It all started off because my daddy got his down from the loft... his old Pirate Ship Lego set. He asked if I wanted to help him put it up and of course I said yes as I love spending time with my daddy.

It took us two weeks to build it as daddy and I did it after he got home from work. I really enjoyed it.

So I asked mummy and daddy if I could have some and they said if I am a good girl and work hard at school, and help mummy out around the house then they would buy me a set.

The first set I got was this one a riding school, set 3186 I loved it so for my birthday I asked for more Lego, and I got some... actually I got loads :-)

I don't know why I love Lego so much. It's just so much fun working out where all the bits go and it comes in a Disney Range now. I really want them to do a Frozen set of Lego, that would be so good. And a Beauty and the Beast set with Belle and the Beast in.

My favourite one so far is the the Disney Castle. It looks so good now it's finished.

And I also like the Friends Lego range. I am going to ask Father Christmas for some more that I haven't got.

Can't wait to get some more, I am even saving my money up for some.

Check out my youtube that I have with my mummy, as there will be a video of one of my Lego sets soon.

Here what's coming up in September

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