Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tilly and the Dragon

I got this lovely book from the library the other day, it's all about Tilly, a little girl, and she finds a dragon in her bedroom. She keeps it at first, it was only Timmy her brother that knew, but her mum and dad don't know until the toaster broke and Tilly said she'd get the dragon to toast it. Mum was a little bit crazy about it and thought she didn't hear her right. Mum went to see and she couldn't believe it and wanted the dragon out the house. Tilly had to find a new home for him, so she tries her family. So she puts him in her wheelbarrow and takes him to her Granny's house. Granny didn't like the dragon's nails and said he was dirty so wanted to put him in the bath. But he's a dragon and he hates being cold.

Next up she tries her Uncle Kevin who lives in a castle and has a drawbridge. He would fit in perfectly there. Uncle Kevin thought the dragon was pretend. but touched him and burnt his finger! Tilly went one to have lunch and went back to uncle Kevin to find that he has made Dragon into a Tourist Attraction. So that wasn't right for Dragon either.

Next she went to the rough lot of Tilly's family. He said it would be hard to get rid of a dragon. "Never mind" she thought. Tilly thought that he would get out of the wheel barrow with them but he didn't, so she had one other person to try and that was Great Uncle Max and he is bonkers. When Tilly goes there Uncle Max is in a bit of a flap, he needs hot air and fire to make his hot balloon go up again. So Uncle Max asks the dragon to help and said "Please". So the dragon got out of the wheel barrow and helped him. Uncle Max asks the Dragon if he wanted to join him on his Tour in his Hot Air Balloon.

I love this book and have read it three times. My mummy has also read it to me two times but it has to go back to the library now. Mum said I can get it out again in a few weeks if I want. I think I will, hehe.


  1. what a lovely review Summer! Its great when you find a book you love. Thanks for sharing in the #KidTested linky

  2. Lovely review Summer. Perfect for linking to #KidTested!