Monday, 5 January 2015

Lego Friends Series 6

I got given this lovely Lego Friends bag from my Daddy for helping him out with his band's Christmas concert.

It comes in a small bag and it's a really cute panda one. As I do a lot of  Lego I found this easy and didn't need much help from my mummy.

I love all the colours of this set and it goes with the jungle set that I already have. I don't think you have seen that set yet but it does goes very well with it. I think the panda is so cute with her light blue bow on her head. I also have other bows from other sets of Lego and they fit her as well.

The only bad thing about the set is that the thick log across it keeps falling off it so I might end up losing it. So far I haven't though. I love the pink slide for the panda. She goes down it very fast on her bottom.

I did a little video of me making the set, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Oh that is rather cute! My daughter loved lego friends! She's a huge fan of Minecraft too! She got her first hanger for Christmas, it was a blue sheep! She can't wait to get another :)

  2. Lovely, I think we'll be getting E some Lego Friends for her birthday this year.