Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lego Cinderella's Romantic Castle

Cinderella's Romantic Castle

I got this for my 6th birthday last year and I love it. It took Daddy and me two days to make. We didn't spend all day doing it just a bit here and there. As you may know I love Lego so I was so glad when I got this set (I have my eye on the Frozen Castle set that's just come out).

Cinderella's Castle has lots of little bits to it that can very easily get lost, so Mummy said I have to be very careful when I play with it because if I leave bits on the floor she said that she might hoover them up and I don't really want my mummy doing that.

I love the little sofa (even though Mummy said it's called a chaise long) and the bed has a secret bit under it where Cinderella can hide her letters. It has a really cute tiny hair brush and a tiny lipstick.

Once we had done it Mummy put it on top of my bookcase and brings it down to me everytime I want to play with it. Soon Mummy will break it all up so I can put up all my new bits of Lego that I got for Christmas. And then we can make it up again when I feel like it.

Here is my little youtube video of me making it, I hope you enjoy x

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