Friday, 2 January 2015

What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas... so this is the blog post where I show you what Father Christmas and my Mummy and Daddy got me for Christmas.

I asked for some Lego, a baby sister or baby brother and some new clothes for my Baby Annabel. I didn't get all of them as my mummy said she hasn't got a baby in her tummy yet. But I did get my Lego and Baby Annabel presents and a lot more things that weren't on my list.

The best thing I have and that I have been playing with most of the time is the Lego Friends set that Father Christmas got me as he only got me one gift and mummy and daddy got me the rest.

It's the Heartlake Shopping Mall, set 41058. It's a really big set but I will tell you more in a review that I will do soon. I got a cute teddy bear that's a dog with green antlers and he sings. He's been on the car journeys to see family with me.

I got a lovely Playdoh Ice Cream set that's really fun and a lovely soft bow and arrow that I can use outside when we go on out on frosty walk days.

I will leave a little list of what I got

1) Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall
2) Playdoh Ice Cream Set
3) Lola colour in dress thing
4) A singing dog
5) Three learning books
6) Bow and arrow 
7) A Frozen puzzle
8) Harry Potter DVD box set (it's a family gift this one)


  1. What a lovely list of Christmas presents, you got some really lovely things.


  2. Looks like you have been a good girl all year! Really nice prezzies!