Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day Three of Half Term

On Day Three we went to see my Auntie Jayne at her house and my cousin Little Flacky. She's a little nutter, she's walking around but throwing things everywhere and when she doesn't get her own way she hits people. She hit me on the head three times and I don't like that. She needs to stop that soon or I might not go round and see her any more.
I had to ask Mummy if Flacky was a boy or girl the other day as she never wears skirts and I love wearing skirts.

It was OK other than being hit by her. We had lunch together and played with her toys and a tunnel that she's got. She then had to go down for a nap so I had a Mummy hug whilst watching some TV.

Can't wait for tomorrow as Daddy is off for two days from work.

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