Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Plans for the Summer Holidays

I will be having a month off schools for the summer holidays. Here are 8 things that I'd love to do with my family or friends.

1) Having the best birthday and birthday party I possibly can. I will be turning seven and I cannot wait.

2) Learn how to swim. Mummy said that she can take me to the swimming pool and will try and get me to be able to swim. I just get very scared that I'm going to go under and get it all in my eyes and up my nose. Mummy says that it will happen but she will stop anything else happening to me. She will be right there with me so I need to be brave.

3) Have a lovely little holiday with my family. We go to Kessingland every year just for a week. I want to make the most of that before daddy has to go back to work.

4) learn all my timestables... I know my 2, 3, a bit of my 4 my 5, 10, and 11, so only have a few more to go.

5) Have some fun in the garden with bubbles, painting, football and on my swings.

6) Make lots of yummy cakes with my Mummy. My mummy is good at making cakes so this summer I want to learn how to make some of them with her.

7) Get ready for my dancing competition. I don't think the competition happens during the holiday as I think Mummy said it's the end of September, beginning of October time, but I'd like to practice my dancing so I can feel confident on stage.

8) Do YouTube videos for my new channel all about the kids. I want to start putting them up in September. I will need my friends and my Mummy to help with this.

He is my latest video x

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