Wednesday, 3 February 2016


January has been fun. At the beginning of January we went on a little adventure into London where we saw the Nutcracker on Ice then stayed at a lovely hotel overlooking Canary Wharf. Also mummy and daddy bought me a lovely pair of high top trainers from Cath Kidston, they are really cute. Mummy and I had a few picnics in the front room and made lots of jelly.

I started back at school after Christmas to see all my friends. I am still doing well at school although I haven't moved in any groups and am still at the same level at reading. I still really enjoy my maths group but am not too keen on English and PE (as I don't like my PE teacher). They are always talking about healthy eating at the moment at it's getting a little boring talking about it all time.

I have stopped doing horse riding for a bit as I am not sure it's really want I want. I love horses and I love the idea of it but it's a little scary when they are going so fast. So mummy said why not have a break for a bit and see how I feel in August.

I had some time at my Nanny's house, once with my cousins Joshua and Zach and the other time just with Nanny. That was fun and I really enjoyed it.

That's all what really happened in January, let's see what happened in February.

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