Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Barbie - Princess Power

I got this DVD for Christmas from Father Christmas and I have just got round to watching it.
After school one day Mummy and I got in our PJs, got ourselves a hot coco with marshmallows, sat on the sofa and had cuddles watching this film.

The Barbie film is about princess Kara who can't do much as her mum and dad don't like her doing much as she is a princess. One day after being kissed by a Magical Butterfly she has super powers letting her transform into a super sparkle, a crime-frighting alter ego, to save her kingdom. But her jealous cousin catches the butterfly and transforms to dark sparkle, her nemesis. They have to work together to free the kingdom from their real enemy and soar to new heights and discover that there's no greater power then friendship.

I love this film and her outfit is so cute, I would love to be able to fly around where I live and see what's going on. Stopping crime would be so cool and I could fly to school that would be so cool too. I bet my friends would love to see me with superpowers!

Barbie review over on my YouTube channel

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