Thursday, 28 August 2014

I have my own bookcase

Mummy and Daddy had an old bookcase. So they gave it to me for my room as I have lots of books and mummy was getting annoyed with them all being a mess in my cupboard. It's now in my room and mummy made me clean it.

I didn't really know that I had so many books and I love them all. Some of them are baby books but mummy said I have to keep them. I don't know why though.

It also had room to put my Lego that I made, so mummy didn't break it back up and put it back in cupboard or even in the loft. That mummy of mine is very cheeky.

I still have some room for some more books or some more bits of Lego. I'm
hoping to get some more for Christmas from the man in the red suit.

Hope you enjoyed my little bookcase blog. Thanks for reading it.

If you can, please come over and have a look at my and mummy's YouTube, it's full of fun x


  1. Your castle is so amazing summer! How many sets have you got?? Xx

    1. I have lots of sets i have about 6 at the moment x