Tuesday, 30 June 2015

School Life

 School Life is Good! I have a few good friends like Faye and Julia who I play with everyday. I also have a good friend called Keili. I don't play with her every day at school but I do go to dancing and drama lessons with her after school. She can be a little bit bossy sometimes though. Mummy says I haven't got long left being at school until I go into year three and that's the big playground and the bigger hall. I'm little bit scared but I should be okay.

I had my SATS a few weeks ago and I think I did okay. I think I did better in Maths than English and I will soon when I get the marks. Mummy says that as long as I tried my best she doesn't mind what I get.

At school at the moment we are learning all about plants, how they grow and their leaves to understand how it all works. I am enjoying that as well as music lessons which we've just started on one day a week. They are really good and I think I'm going to be really good at music because my Daddy is a musician. I had my school assembly today and I had to stand up and say something, I was really nervous but I did a good job.

I don't know who my teacher is going to be in year three at the moment but Miss Stevens will be staying with us as she is boy Riley's helper. That will be nice to know the teacher and have her in our class still.

Oh as well we have a hamster in our class and it has escaped and no one can find it. It was only a little hamster and we only had it a few weeks. We've made a few posters and put them around the school. Hopefully we'll be able to find him but Mummy said we might not be able to. Next time maybe they should get a better cage for him as it was taped around it and it fell off so he just went through the hole. Poor little Nibbles.

Here is my little video on my new Bike x


  1. This is so sweet and I do hope that you find Nibbles x

  2. On no poor nibbles I hope you find him soon.