Sunday, 6 September 2015

Excited to go Back to School

I think I may be the only one excited to go back to school. Everyone I see doesn't want to go back but I do, is that wrong of me? I love learning and can't wait to see what can happen in year three.

I've met my new teacher and she seems really nice. And I've been working over the summer holiday so I hope I'm not in the lowest group when I get back. I've had a fun summer with my mummy and daddy making lots of cakes, going away, going to the park and just chilling out at home sometimes.

But I want to get my teeth into more. I want to see all my friends and tell them all about my summer holidays. I've missed my best friend Faye as I haven't seen her. I've seen some of my friends over the holidays like my nutty friend Keili who lives down the road and a few of my dancing friends. I had my birthday party that happened at the beginning of August and quite a few of my friends came to that.

People have been saying that year three will be a lot harder, that's because I'm going to the juniors and won't be in infants any more. I don't think it will be that hard, first of all it won't be anyway as I think they'll just get us used to being back to school.

I will let you know how my first day goes. I think I'll be fine, well I hope it will be fine anyway.

Here is a little video that I made about going back to school.

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