Tuesday, 15 September 2015

First Day in Year 3

It has been a few days now of me being in year three. 

So far it's okay, it's not great but it's not that bad. They've put us on tables for group ability and I am not with any of my friends. I'm always sat with boys and I don't really like it, they just talk, talk, talk, talk.

In English my partner always a boy, in Maths I sit with the boys too. I don't know why it is always me that has to sit with the boys. Last year I had to do that too and I was hoping that this year I wouldn't. It's starting to annoy me.

Other than that I still have my friends that I play with, like Keili, Julia and Faye and someone who is kind of new to the school, Marilyn. But she is very full on sometimes.

I have my first lot of homework this week and it's different from last year. We have a sheet of paper and we can pick what we want to do but I'll show you that in another blog. I'm sure my Mummy will be doing one on her blog and YouTube channel too.

That's it for now, I hope all is well with everyone.

Here is me talking about going back to school

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