Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Next Step

I  though I would do a little blog post on my favourite TV show at the moment and it's called The Next Step on CBBC. The new series has just started and I think it's series three. They have just won the national dance competition and are now going into the international dance competition but they have lost their dance studio because of the mean man from Elite Dance Studio. He has bought the building they rehearse in just so he can get his team into the international dance competition as they didn't make it through.

So The Next Step teacher has to put The Next Step and Elite in a room together to compete at the next round as just one team. It's upsetting because my favourite one didn't make it due to a knee injury, Emily, but I hope she stays on the TV show as I really like her. My mummy's favourite Riley is in the team so she is happy about that.

As well Riley and James who are going out in the show together had to compete against each other to get a slot in the team. Riley danced her little heart out and James didn't, he just walked out so that Riley could get the spot. That is so sweet I just hope they stay together.

I can't wait to watch the next few episodes and see what happens this season. I just found out as well  it's actually a Canadian program. I am going over to Canada next year... I'm so excited as you never know I might bump into one of them, that would be so good if it happens.

Here is a little video of me making cake 

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