Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cousins' Birthday

So it was my cousins' birthday party the other day. They had a little party at his house and it was very fun!!!

It is my cousin Joshua's 6th birthday and Zach's 2nd birthday and the party was only for the family. When we got there we had to wait until everyone else got there but it didn't take long because five minutes afterwards and their uncle from their dad's side turned up.

And not long after that Tanya and her family turned up and we all went outside and had some fun in the garden. My other cousin turned up with Auntie Jayne, Uncle Mark and Grandad.

Auntie Kelly put on an Easter Egg hunt for us. We had to share them with each other once we got back in the front room so it was fair and equal.

Then we had lots of fun in the garden until it was time to eat and open their presents. I had a great day with both of my cousins and will be seeing them again next weekend.

Here is a little vlog About my Trip to Canada 

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