Monday, 16 May 2016


 Yes, we went to Disney World, to the most magical place and it was a surprise so I didn't get told until the morning of us going from the Hilton Hotel. It turns out that I don't like being surprised much but I was very grateful for it and had the best time with my family.

Most of all I loved being with family and having lots of fun with them. The best park out of all the Disney Parks has to be Magic Kingdom, the rides are so fun especially Enchanted Tales with Belle. I got to play the character Chip and I had to say Hello to Belle. It was fun and I loved it and all the rides are really good. I didn't like Hollywood Studios that much as the rides there made me a little bit scared. Epcot was fun, I met so many people like Joy and Sadness from Inside Out and they had a ride called Test Track, which was really fast but I enjoyed once it was all over. Animal Kingdom was great too, I loved seeing all the animals and going on the safari, we went on that two times and we saw something different each time. On the second time round we had a giraffe come up right to the truck and I even got some of its lick on me!

We also went swimming in our hotel pool, it was a great big pool with a slide in and we spend two late afternoons in the pool eating pizza and having a little glass of juice while Mummy had a cocktail and Daddy had a beer.

I would really like to go back to Disney World at some point as I really liked it.

Here is a little video of part two of Disney

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