Wednesday, 28 September 2016

My time at Center Parcs

The week before we went back to school we went on a little weekend away to Center Parcs. We do this every year. I went with my mum and dad, my auntie, cousins and of course my nanny. I went in the car with my nanny and cousins as mum and dad had to work that day. They joined us down there in the early evening. When they did we were at the disco and they brought pizza with them. That was yummy, so yummy.

The next day we had some things planned but the main thing I wanted to do was go swimming as I love swimming. We also did short tennis, which I am not very good at, but I gave it a good try even if I did hit the ball in the other courts, but it was very fun. We went swimming after that and I loved it, I loved going around the lazy river and trying out the wave machine. I can now stand in the lazy river which helped me out a lot as I am not that confident in the pool but I did it a give it a good try.
That night we went out for dinner in Hucks for my Auntie's birthday and the food there is so good. My cousins and I had the buffet where we can have hotdogs, Chicken Nuggets, chips, some bits of fruit and some other things. They also have a play area where we can go and play while we are waiting for dinner. My mum's food looks great, she had a hotdog with nachos on and I think she loved it.
After dinner we went to the disco and that was the best bit. I loved it and also made some friends that night. That was pretty cool as I think it's the first time I have done that at Center Parcs. 

The last day we had a little surprise for my Auntie, we had a few people come along and that was my mum's sister, my mum's mummy and my cousin. We had bowling booked for that morning with them and I had to leave a little early as I had Segway booked... it was so much fun, oh my I really want to do it again. We also had swimming after that and that night my dad cooked us a meal to eat in the villa, it was very nice. Everyone went home that night as they all had things to do the next day (Monday). So did we as I had school but we were cheeky and stayed the night, just the three of us and left really early in the morning at 5.30am. We made it to school in time as well.

I loved this little holiday.

Here is my little video about my top Five outfits over the Summer 

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