Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Top Five Films

I am not too sure if I have done a blog post like this but I have grown up a little bit and my taste has changed in food, films and fashion. This blog post is all about my top five films so I am going to start from five to one. Most of them are (as my mum calls them) tween movies. They used to be my mum's or my cousin's videos, so they are kind of old films.

5) Shrek the Third
This is another funny Shrek film, when Princess Fiona's daddy passes away they go and find the rightful heir to the throne and it's Arthur and Fiona. They find out she is expecting a baby or maybe two or three of them. Shrek does not think he is ready for it yet, but of course he is and the babies are so cute.

4) Shrek 2 
I love all the Shrek films but this I think is the best one. It's where Fiona has to go back home and Shrek has to meet her mum and dad and of course Donkey comes along for the ride. There is also lots of singing in this film and also a Fairy Godmother who is not nice. She tried to break up Shrek and Fiona but it didn't work and they are still together. Woohoo.

3) The Princess Diaries
Mummy said that she loved this film when she was younger and I think she still does really. Mum said that Julie Andrews is a very well know actor and has been in lots of things. I think she is going to find a few things with her in for me to watch more of her. But back to the film it's about a girl called Mia who is a little bit of a shy girl, but then finds out she is Princess of Genovia. She has a makeover and learns how to be a princess, who wouldn't want that.

2) High School Musical
I love this, it's full of singing and dancing and I love that. It's a little bit of a crazy film, they don't really stop it's just song after song and dance after dance. It's great to get you in a better mood and Vanessa Hudgens is in it and I think she is a great actress.

1) Herbie Fully Loaded
Who wouldn't want a talking car, so this film is great. It's all about a little Bug car with a mind of his own. Maggie finds him in a junkyard and restores him so they go into races together and of course she wins all of them. One of the best bits is that Herbie gets a girlfriend at the end and they go on a date, it's so funny and cute at the same time.

I hope you liked my top five films and hope you come back next week.

Mrs P

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