Monday, 2 February 2015

My Monthly Goals - February

January Goals List

1) To do a blog post every week with the help of my mummy and daddy. Done

2) Get to 110 on my YouTube. I am so happy that I got to 100 on New Year's Eve, so my wish came true and I just want to do it more now. Done

3) Go up a level in reading at school. Failed 

February Goals List

1) Get to 140 on YouTube... at 132 at the moment.

2) Know my x3 x4 x6 times tables.

3) Finish my little project with my daddy.


  1. I used to hate learning my timestables, every morning at school we would have to recite them x

  2. I have a daughter whos currently learning for her sats , the homework kids have these days are a olot different to what we had which was not actually that long ago x