Thursday, 26 February 2015

Day Two of Half Term

Day two was a day at home again. We did pop out as Mummy needed to go to the bank, and sort something out with them. And as I was a good girl Mummy said I could have a McDonald's, woohoo.

We went to the library again as I read all my books that I picked up from there on Monday. I love reading at the moment.

We also got talking to an old woman at the bus stop. She seemed really nice and asked why all the kids are off school. That's what she was asking Mummy.

Once we got back home we played with Lego. Also I got a new bow and arrow for Christmas so Mummy made a target on the window in her bedroom and we played for about an 1 hour. Then I played with my Dolls House for a bit.

That's all we did today, not much but I had fun.

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