Saturday, 7 February 2015

Top Five - Disney films

There are so many Disney films out and so many good once so it was hard picking my Top Five, but I have and I did a little YouTube about it. So if you feel like it, go over and have a look at that. I have changed one from the video as it was a Christmas DVD...

5) The Princess And The Frog
It's about Princess Tiana, who turns into a frog. It's very funny with a singing and trumpet playing alligator. I like all the music in it as it's fun & loud. My mummy and daddy like sitting down with me and watching this. I think this is one of my mummy's favourites too.

4) Monsters Inc.
Everyone must love this film, how couldn't they with Boo, Sulley & Mike. It's all about getting power to make their city work by getting screams from children. Boo comes through one of the doors and they realised she was OK and try to return her to her mum and dad.

3) Peter Pan
There is only one reason I love Peter Pan so much and that's because of Tinkerbell. She's my favourite character in the film but there are lots of other characters in the film like Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Wendy. It's about Wendy and her brothers going to Neverland and having lots of fun.

2) The Little Mermaid
Mummy said this one was her favourite when she was younger and she has a video of it still. It's like a big brick size thing that you but in another thing that goes onto the telly. It's weird. The film is about a mermaid that falls in love with her prince and wants to have legs. I would like to be a mermaid too as it would be fun I think.

1) Bolt

I can watch this film over and over again. I'ts about a dog called Bolt who thinks he's a super dog with super powers but it's all for a TV show and he doesn't know it. That is until he escapes from the set looking for Penny, when he goes on a fun adventure and makes some friends along the way.

What's your favourite Disney film?

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