Monday, 16 February 2015

Weekly Homework

So I thought I would tell you what I get for my homework each week.
I am in year two at school (that's UK school for a 6 - 7 year old). I get Maths, English & spellings and we are put into groups for Maths and spelling. There are only two groups for Maths and I am in the lower one. For spelling there are about 8 groups but I'm not too sure where I am in that lot.

This week spelling is ok. I found some of them hard but overall OK. On my first try I got 9 out of 10 so I was pleased with that.
This week in English we had to write what it's like to be a Sloth as we are learning about the Amazon Rainforest. I found this homework fun as I like learning about the different kinds of animals and Sloths are lovely and lazy things.

Now onto Maths which was OK. At school we have to use Number Lines but Mummy showed me a different way and the way Mummy showed me is easier than the way school showed me. So Mummy is going to ask if I can have a bit of paper next to me to help me out.

Here is my last week's homework if you fancy a look.

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